Persona 3 Reload 3rd Trailer re-introduces the antagonistic group Strega

Atlus has published the third official trailer for Persona 3 Reload, which reintroduces the antagonistic group called Strega that also appeared in the original game. At the pre-TGS media briefing, the company also confirmed that the new remake will have new episodes focusing on the three villains.

The original Japanese voice actors for all three characters will also reprise their roles in this remake. The group's leader Takaya will be voiced by Nobutoshi Canna and wield the Persona Hypnos. The tech expert Jin will be voiced by Masaya Onosaka while controlling Moros. Last but not least, the girl Chidori will be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro with Medea as her Persona.

The English voice cast can be found in the details below.

While most of the trailer shows cutscenes and fight scenes against the Strega, it also includes daily events and interactions with the other party members. The most notable ones are the dating scenes with Elizabeth, as the Velvet Room assistant will have some funny scenes like dropping too many coins into a fountain or climbing an elevator in reverse.

Find the new trailer for Persona 3 Reload right below. The new remake will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on February 2, 2024.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

Using the Dark Hour For Their Own Gain – Strega

The Dark Hour is a period of time hidden between each day that most people cannot perceive. A group called Strega takes advantage of this, using it to carry out requests for revenge on others. As the members of S.E.E.S. strive to solve the mystery of the Dark Hour, Strega stands before them as an adversary.​

Takaya (Voiced by Daman Mills)


The leader of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge. He considers the Dark Hour to be a special gift reserved only for those with the power of Persona, and does not wish for it to disappear. Despite his strange appearance, he has a charismatic personality that has earned him many devoted followers. ​When he attacks, he uses the gun he carries at his waist. His unique Persona is Hypnos.​

Jin (Voiced by Chris Hackney)


A member of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.​ He is an intelligent young man who specializes in data analysis and runs the Revenge Request website for Strega's activities.​ He attacks using special hand grenades. His unique Persona is Moros.

Chidori (Voiced by Merit Leighton)


A member of Strega, a group of three that uses the Dark Hour as a means to carry out requests for revenge.​ She wears a striking white dress and rarely shows emotion, coldly pushing away those who dare speak to her.​ She attacks using a hand axe. Her unique Persona is Medea.

Shuji Ikutsuki (Voiced by Jake Green)


The chairman of the Protagonist's school and advisor to S.E.E.S. ​ ​ He relishes puns in any situation, much to the chagrin of those around him.​ ​Despite having no Persona abilities, he remains conscious during the Dark Hour. Having to send his students to fight the Shadows in his stead seems to bring him some guilt.

Elizabeth (Voiced by Tara Platt)


A resident of the Velvet Room, an apparent interdimensional space that only the Protagonist can enter. ​​ She aids him in strengthening his Persona abilities and assigns him numerous requests to complete. She even asks him to escort her around the outside world, a realm that she is very curious about.

Pharos (Voiced by Aleks Le)


A boy who greets the Protagonist on his arrival to the dorms, asking him to sign a strange contract. ​ His identity and motives are shrouded in mystery, but he continues appearing before the Protagonist with words of advice.

Battle System

Experience a familiar but enhanced turn-based Persona battle system! Hitting an enemy's weakness will knock it down, allowing you to get a second attack in. Knocking all enemies down will trigger an All-Out- Attack! Aim for the enemies’ weaknesses and make use of multiple strategies to get the edge in battle.​


Attacks and Skills all have affinities. Use these strategically to hit the enemies’ weaknesses.​ ​Hitting an enemy with an affinity that it's weak to will increase the damage dealt and knock it down. Hitting enemies with critical hits is another way to knock them down. ​ ​Knocking down an enemy will trigger 1 More, allowing you to attack a second time in the same turn. ​ ​When all enemies are knocked down, you can perform a flashy All-Out-Attack to deliver massive damage.​

​Watch out, though—enemies can do the same to you, knocking your party members down by hitting
their own weaknesses.


Features that fans loved in Persona 5 have returned in Persona 3 Reload, such as Direct Command and Assist.​ Control each of your party members quickly and intuitively with direct commands, and use Assist to automatically target enemy weaknesses.

The Baton Pass mechanic from Persona 5 has been brought to Persona 3 Reload as Shift. ​ Strategically Shift your 1 More turn to allies and make quick work of your foes! A new kind of special skill called Theurgy has been added! These are high-powered abilities that can only be used when a character’s Theurgy gauge is full. ​

The Theurgy gauge charges during battle when a character attacks, uses skills, or performs other actions. Each character's personality influences what kinds of actions are the most effective at charging the gauge quickly. ​ Pulling off these impressive skills at the right moment can turn the tides of battle!

New Scenes

All-new Linked Episodes have been added in Persona 3 Reload!​


Sides of certain characters that have never been explored will be revealed in new story scenes! ​ ​By giving your friends advice or hanging out with them, you can strengthen your bond and discover aspects of them you've never seen before. ​ ​Support them enough, and those allies will receive upgrades and unlock new Persona fusions for you. Persona 3 Reload will also have completely new scenes focusing on members of Strega. Look forward to learning more about their past and perspective.

Pre-order Bonus: Persona 4 Golden BGM Set

This DLC allows players to listen to "Reach Out to The Truth", "Time to Make History";, "I'll Face Myself - Battle-", "A New World Fool", "Fog"; and "Period" from Persona 4 Golden in game. ​

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