Project Mugen "Production Information" dev diary highlights the game's city traversal

Developer Naked Rain and publisher NetEase revealed more about the upcoming "urban open world" RPG Project Mugen. In an awkwardly named "Disclosure of Production Information" trailer, Naked Rain's developers highlighted the game's urban theme and the movement systems players will use to get around.

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer, which is presented in a developer diary style, emphasized Project Mugen's urban theme and its trading in the fantasy of living in a vibrant, bustling city brimming with urban exploration opportunities. They showed off the procedural technology used to partially generate the game's large cityscape, as well.

To facilititate player movement around the environment in their investigation of the mysterious "Chaos" phenomenon, player characters will be able to swing freely through the streets with a grappling hook and acrobatics similar to Spider-Man. They can also drive vehicles like motorcycles and cars at ground level, and swim in the city's waterways. Interior environments in the city will be linked directly to the outside, allowing players to transition from outdoor to indoor environments seamlessly. Finally, environmental debris will be interactable and play a role in players' exploration of the city. Some quest modes and collectibles will even involve clearing debris, such as uncovering a hidden cat under a pile of boxes.

Project Mugen is in development for PS4, PS5, and PC. It doesn't have a release date yet. Check out the game's first trailer here.