Free-to-play 20th-Century Time-Travel RPG Reverse: 1999 launches for PC and mobile devices on October 26

Bluepoch has announced that time-travel free-to-play RPG Reverse: 1999 will launch on October 26 for PC and mobile devices. Pre-registration is now available on the official website.

A cinematic trailer, description, screenshots, and artwork can be found below, via Bluepoch.

Developer Bluepoch showcased a brand-new trailer at Tokyo Game Show today to unveil the October 26, 2023 global release date of the highly anticipated 20th Century Time-Travel Strategic RPG Reverse: 1999. This mysterious, visually stunning game is free-to-play and features seamless cross-play on Windows PC, Android, and iOS. Pre-register now to receive exclusive rewards, including a free five-star character!

Take a closer look at the cinematic release date story trailer to see more about a world where humans and arcanists co-exist and the “Storm” that continuously reverses time:

While at the event, Reverse: 1999 held a live stream to promote the release date news and reveal the new trailer. The Tokyo Game Show booth includes several interesting features, such as:

  • A classic cinema reception with the characters X and Medicine Pocket, where players can try the game to win some rewards.
  • A recreation of Vertin’s suitcase, which is also featured on the game’s homepage. The suitcase contains unlimited space, enabling Vertin to help her arcanist friends from being “sifted out” by the “Storm.”
  • A huge APPLe in nightclothes, recreating the scene in The Utopia Test Trailer.
  • Exclusive Reverse: 1999-themed newspapers with a brief introduction to the game and characters, character posters, and other interesting content.

On the last day of 1999, the "Storm" fell upon the world, and you witnessed an era reversed beneath the rising raindrops. Playing as Vertin, the Timekeeper, you will travel through different eras after each "Storm." With the aid of Sonetto, a powerful arcanist and ally from the Foundation, your mission is to travel through the ages to find the truth about the "Storm." Throughout the journey, you will meet various arcanists from different eras and have an opportunity to save them from being "sifted out" by the "Storm."

Gameplay Features

  • Stunning Visuals Blending Retro and Modern Aesthetics - Step into the mysterious alt-history animated by unique visual elements that blend Pop Art, classical oil painting, and more art styles in history. 
  • Fantastic Arcanists from Different Times and Regions - People once called them "mages", "wizards", and "freaks". Now they live in uneasy coexistence with regular humans… But who are the Arcanists, really?
  • Full English Voice Acting with Authentic Accents - Immerse yourself in ages past. Enjoy a story performed by a diverse cast of voice actors with British, Italian, French, and other accents. 
  • Engaging Stories Enhanced by Animations & Live 2D - Dive into the captivating, emotional story with full voice acting enhanced with delicate Live 2D and various animations. 
  • A Cinematic Adventure across the 20th Century - From the Roaring '20s to the turn of the millennium, you will embark on a journey across time and space and uncover the truth about the "Storm" and the mystery of the year 1999.
  • Weave Arcane Incantations to Attain Glorious Victories - Build your team, cast spells, and use gorgeous arcane skills to defeat your enemies. Begin your exciting adventure through time in this all-new RPG.

With pre-registrations opening just last week, over 100,000 players have already signed up! Players are invited to pre-register on Google Play, the App Store, or through the official Reverse: 1999 website. All pre-registered players will receive a bundle of in-game rewards when the game launches later this year, with bigger, better bonuses unlocked as more players sign up, including Matilda, a five-star character with a cute French accent.

Reverse: 1999 Screenshots
Reverse: 1999 Artwork