Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters arrives on the Nintendo Switch in 2024 for the west

Idea Factory International has revealed that the Switch version of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is coming to the west in 2024. They also recently revealed that the game will be coming to Xbox platforms next year too. Both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions will be releasing physically and digitally. The Switch release does have some new exclusive content though.

In the Switch version of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters, Maho and Anri are available as playable characters. Plus, there will be exclusive swimsuit DLC only for the Switch release of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters.

Note that the new releases of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will release with the content that Patch 1.01 introduced. This featured adjustments to the English script to soften up the language in some lines. You can find the specific list of changes here.