Free-to-play sidescroller action RPG Phantom Blade: Executioners launches on November 2 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, mobile, and PC

S-Game has announced that free-to-play sidescroller action RPG Phantom Blade: Executioners will launch on November 2 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, mobile devices, and PC (Steam, Epic).

Executioners is the first Phantom Blade title to launch globally, and is set in the same universe as Phantom Blade Zero, which was announced in a PlayStation State of Play earlier this year.

A release date trailer, story trailer, details, and screenshots can be found below, via S-Game. The official website is here.

Release Date Trailer

Story Trailer

Emerging developer S-GAME has announced that fast-paced, dark fantasy action-RPG Phantom Blade: Executioners will launch across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, mobile devices and PC this November.

Phantom Blade: Executioners will have players join the mysterious Order to investigate the recent killing-sprees by clans that have used the forbidden Sha-Chi body-engineering technique. Select from four different heroes specializing in mystical Wuxia skills and eradicate Sha-Chi enhanced monstrosities from a gorgeous, hand-painted style 2D world. Phantom Blade: Executioners is the first global release of S-Game’s Phantom Blade series that also includes Phantom Blade Zero, the jaw-dropping martial arts and steam punk title announced for PS5 during the PlayStation Showcase earlier this year. Pre-registration is now available across all platforms on the official website:

hantom Blade: Executioners represents the evolution in S-GAME’s commitment to depicting traditional, Wuxia-inspired martial arts in all of its projects. For over a decade, the studio has spearheaded the incredible popularity of “kung-fu punk” side-scrolling RPGs through franchises like Rain Blood and Phantom Blade. In Phantom Blade: Executioners, S-GAME’s devotion to the soul of Chinese martial arts is underscored by a gorgeous 2D art style reminiscent of a traditional fine-brush Chinese painting brought to life.

As a member of the Order, players must use their Wuxia-infused mastery of martial arts to annihilate human hosts transmogrified by forbidden Sha-Chi engineering techniques. Players must time moves perfectly to perform dynamic skill chain-based combos with a touch of a button. Earn Phantom bonuses throughout the course of the game and stack them on character skills to maximize damage and enhance martial art skills. When the battle is over, pick up valuable equipment to be used in the next fray. Mix and match gear however desired, then head to the procedurally-generated Purge Dungeons for a chance to earn highly coveted Sin Gears.

Phantom Blade: Executioners controls are intuitive and fun but this won’t be a cakewalk. Monstrous bosses totally consumed by Sha-Chi will challenge players to discover the characters, phantom bonuses, equipment and additional perks that best suit their playstyle. When the battle seems insurmountable, enlist the aid of a friendly ally via co-op and attempt to face the Sha-Chi scourge together. Phantom Blade: Executioners also sets the backstory for the hero Soul as the main protagonist in Phantom Blade Zero.

Phantom Blade: Executioners will be available on November 2, and free to download and play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, mobile devices and PC. Pre-registration is now available across all platforms. 

Phantom Blade: Executioners