Little Goody Two Shoes releases on October 31 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Square Enix and AstralShift have announced that horror narrative adventure Little Goody Two Shoes is launching on October 31. It'll be releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). A demo for it is currently available at the time of this news post as part of the Steam Next Fest event.

A new release date trailer provides an overview of the game. Players take control of Elise, a young woman who dreams of being rich one day. She stumbles upon a mysterious pair of red shoes that will forever change her life.

Much of her day-to-day is spent helping out the townsfolk in Kieferberg. In order to earn money, she helps out with the numerous chores that other people ask of her. Many minigames are attached to these tasks. Our hands-on time with Little Goody Two Shoes at PAX West 2023 further details how these minigames are played out. 

Elise can form an intimate relationship with up to three bachelorettes - Rozenmarine, Freya, and Lebkuchen. Rozenmarine is a traveling witch searching for her destiny. Freya is the local town sweetheart that often hides her determined spirit. Lebkuchen is a kind nun that bears a sharp sixth sense.

Aside from exploring the town of Kieferberg, players will also guide Elise through the woods. Supernatural and mystical horrors await them as Elise learns more about the nature of the new shoes she found.

Little Goody Two Shoes has multiple endings that can be affected by numerous factors, such as Elise's relationship with the townspeople and the actions she undertakes in her adventures.

Hi, everyone!

The time has finally come — we’re happy to announce Little Goody Two Shoes will be released this October 31st!

We couldn’t be happier to finally share the big news with you!

Until then, be sure to watch the newest trailer showcasing all of Little Goody Two Shoes’ features and never before seen game footage!

And try the Little Goody Two Shoes demo and pre-purchase the game now!

— About the game —

Little Goody Two Shoes is a horror narrative adventure game, set in the fairy tale town of Kieferberg where you must manage multiple aspects of Elise’s life in order to stay alive.

During the day, you will need to strengthen Elise’s bonds with her fellow villagers and work to make a living by playing fun mini-games.

But once the moon rises, make sure to keep Elise fed, healthy and sane in the multiple encounters with deadly foes as she makes her way further into the Woods.

— Features —

Manage Elise’s day-to-day life in Kieferberg — fulfill the villager’s requests to keep her well-fed, all the while making sure you fall on their good graces as to not raise suspicion!

Take the bachelorettes out on dates — follow your heart and fall in love with Rozenmarine, Freya and Lebkuchen by spending time with them every day!

Explore the Woodland during the Witching Hour — the woods aren’t what they seem after nightfall! Find your way through the many mysteries and puzzles hiding in the woods, and perform the secret ritual to grant Elise’s wish!