The Thaumaturge introduces its Salutors in new trailers

Publisher 11 bit studios and developer Fool's Theory have released several trailers for upcoming story-driven RPG The Thaumaturge, introducing the devilish creatures known as Salutors.

The details and descriptions can be found below, via 11 bit studios. New screenshots can be found in the gallery.

The Thaumaturge is set to release on December 5 for PC (SteamEpicGOG), with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions to launch in Early 2024.

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The Thaumaturge | Salutors

Salutors are otherworldly beasts that are hidden from everyday people but can be seen and captured by Thaumaturges, including the game's protagonist Wiktor. The new trailers shows off Bukavac, Lelek, and Upyr, with the trailer for Weles coming soon, and each Salutor possesses their own unique lore and abilities. 

The Thaumaturge | Salutors - Bukavac


In the distant land of Syrmia, which lies between the Danube and Sava rivers, there are stories about a horned monster silently lurking below the surface of local lakes. There, "Bukavac" waits for its victims, readying sharp fangs and six clawed arms. After the bloody deed is done, the creature howls through the night, planting dread in the hearts of local farmers. But what if Bukavac doesn't need lakes to prey on humans? Stories about this monster continue to circulate among people across Eastern Europe, from the Adriatic towards the Baltic Sea. Perhaps you will meet this beast lurking behind a dark corner in a crowded metropolis, ready to feast on fresh human flesh... Among the thaumaturges, Bukavac presents itself as a difficult creature to tame, but pure ferocity makes it a powerful ally in a world brimming with violence.

The Thaumaturge | Salutors - Lelek


Among the peoples of the Kashubia, the nightjar was always more feared than admired. Hidden in the thick forest, this little bird, called "Lelek" by native Kashubians, sings his sorrowful song that resembles a madman's laughter. Maybe that's why the nightjar was associated with a demon that entered men's heads, slowly driving them insane. Some people claim that this ominous being still exists and haunts people on the streets of Warsaw, twisting them from inside and swaying their choices. Could he be the reason that more and more people are being clinically diagnosed as insane? One can only wonder what kind of might a man could possess if he could control "Lelek" and its devious powers.

The Thaumaturge | Salutors - Upyr


Man's existence is fragile and hangs on a thin thread. Yet sometimes, as ancient Slavic legends say, this thread is severed so violently and unexpectedly that its owner gets stuck somewhere between life and death. Thus, an "Upyr" is born - an ethereal being that makes people shiver with its cold, spectral touch. Or maybe Upyrs are born through curse, as others say, or due to the suicide of a tormented being? No one knows for certain, but we do know one thing: Upyrs are full of malevolence towards the living, as they can see a life once lived, yet cannot fully bask in its light. Old scriptures tell stories of talented thaumaturges who could ensnare Upyrs and make them do their bidding, though the stories of those who instead became their puppets are far better known...

The Thaumaturge | Salutors - Weles



In ancient Slavic beliefs, Weles is symbolized as a proud snake adorned with golden scales, embodying the God of the underworld, prosperity, and deceit. This makes Weles an ideal companion for people from the upper echelons of society. However, much like luck itself, Weles can capriciously abandon an unfortunate player precisely when they need him the most. When targeting someone's darkest desires, this Salutor's pursuits are usually connected to concealing secrets, as well as an inclination towards manipulation and intrigue. People who draw Weles delight in sowing chaos, all while watching the world burn from a safe distance. Do you like taking risks during battle? Weles can prove to be a formidable ally for those who refuse to pull punches, nevertheless, it's crucial to remember that he is an unpredictable entity, and trust should always be extended with extreme caution.

The Thaumaturge