Free-to-play fantasy action RPG Duet Night Abyss unveiled for mobile devices and PC

Publisher Hero Entertainment and developer Pan Studio have unveiled Duet Night Abyss, a free-to-play fantasy RPG set to release for mobile devices and PC. Pre-registration is now available on the official website. No release window has been stated.

An announcement trailer, details, and artwork can be found below, via Hero Entertainment.

Duet Night Abyss, a high-freedom fantasy adventure RPG, makes its first appearance recently and drops its first-ever game trailer, sparking discussions among both industry experts and players.

On October 20, 2023, at 10:00 AM (UTC+8), PAN STUDIO, under Hero Entertainment, unveiled a brand-new cross-platform game titled Duet Night Abyss and released the first trailer Until the Dawn, confirming its availability on both PC and mobile platforms and announcing the opening of pre-registration.

Hero Entertainment has seen a string of successful investment projects in recent years, including titles like Black Myth: Wukong, Punishing: Gray Raven, and Wuthering Waves. Evidently, Hero Entertainment possesses exceptional discernment in game products and pursues high-quality content.

As a flagship content product developed in-house by Hero Entertainment, Duet Night Abyss upholds the same high standards of quality. PAN STUDIO, a subsidiary of Hero Entertainment, consists of experienced core personnel with rich product development experience. From the art design, trailer, and gameplay revealed so far, the game's art, storyline, combat mechanics, and more are worth looking forward to.

Based on the promotional materials that have been revealed, the official descriptions of the game's worldview, story, and gameplay can be summarized as follows:

Dual Narrative & Demons of All Kinds


You will step into a land where magic and machinery coexist, playing as two protagonists with vastly different backgrounds. Encounter a variety of demonic beings with their own perspectives as you engage in constant battles and exploration to uncover the truth behind a thorny fate, ultimately bringing an end to the spiral of suffering.

Multiple Weapons & Arbitrary Loadouts


In battles, you can freely switch between melee and ranged weapons, allowing characters to break free from the limitations of a single weapon class. Choose from a variety of cool melee weapons such as whipblades, crossbows, and even heavy firepower like sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and high-tech hover guns to create your unique weapon loadouts.

3D Combat & Various Skills


Engage in fast-paced combat against waves of relentless enemies with the freedom to utilize both close and long-range attacks, as well as aerial assaults and ground takedowns. Bask in unexpected and thrilling battle experiences through diverse combat gameplay including tracking, reconnaissance, and rescue missions.

Parkour Abilities & Free Spirit


Utilize various movement techniques like helix leap, sliding, and double jump to swiftly and freely traverse known and unknown environments. Soar to the skies, vault over walls, and perform feats no one else can as you explore and tackle challenges in your preferred style.

It can be observed that Duet Night Abyss emphasizes a fast-paced combat experience through the freedom of combining melee and ranged weapons and the use of helix leaps. Overall, it offers a grand open-world map with fast-paced, exhilarating battles.

While the product still requires refinement in many aspects, this initial trailer from the studio's debut project reveals the team's ambition.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the official website for additional information about this new game and its pre-registration: