Arknights Endfield official accounts revive after more than a year of silence

It seems that Arknights: Endfield could still happen. After more than a year and a half of silence, the project's official Twitter account has begun posting again, starting with some new character art. The last time the official Arknights Endfield account posted was March 18, 2022, when the game was first announced.

As of press time, only the official Twitter account of the game has resumed activity, posting art featuring several characters that as yet remain unidentified. Three characters have earlier designs that appear on the game's official website, while two more are new. A further eight are visible but concealed in the shadows behind the first lineup.

The tweet also includes a message for the player "Endministrator":

Before the catastrophe worsens,

we must eliminate all hazards, save the survivors, and restore the base to full operations.

Our operators are ready for action. Let us begin, Endministrator.

Arknights Endfield is a spin-off of developer Hypergryph's Arknights. While the first game is an RPG with tower defense mechanics, Endfield is billed as a "real-time 3D RPG with strategic elements."

The game takes place on the planet of Talos-II, a dangerous frontier world where settlements and wandering cities are sheltered from the untamed wildlands are sheltered by massive walls. Players play as the "Endministrator" of Endfield Industries' Protocol Field Recovery Department, an organization that explores Talos-II to recover technology, plumb ruins from the Old Era, and establish self-sufficient infrastructure in the barrens. Arknights Endfield does not appear to have an explicit connection to Arknights' narrative or setting, but does share concepts and elements, such as a resource called Originium and the theme of a dystopian world populated by mobile cities.

So far one named character from Endfield is known, Supervisor Perlica. She's seen in the Endfield announcement CG trailer, but little else about her or other featured characters is confirmed.

Gameplay footage released last year shows characters moving around a 3D environment, with a camera angle reminiscent of classical isometric RPGs.

Arknights Endfield is in development, with PC and mobile devices announced as target platforms. It does not yet have a release window.