Fate/Samurai Remnant future update will unlock more playable Servants for Battle Recollections

Koei Tecmo has added a new entry to the Fate/Samurai Remnant update page that teases a larger feature update in the near future. While the company had released a few updates between the game's launch and this entry, they only had minor adjustments and bug fixes. The upcoming update will have a couple of feature additions.

The first update will be the addition of more playable Servants for Battle Recollections. The other one will be two new difficulty levels that will each be even easier and harder than the ones available at launch. The latter will bring a whole new level of challenge, as it will even prevent any usage of items and retries during battles.

You can also view the update teaser image right below:


The Japanese version of the website added more context to the first entry. Battle Recollection is a game mode that gradually unlocks duels and boss battles after reaching certain points in the storyline. However, it originally only allowed the player to use the protagonist Miyamoto Iori and occasionally his servant Saber. The Japanese webpage also confirmed that the "other Servants" refer to the opposing Servants from other factions, such as Lancer and Archer as shown in the image.

While Fate/Samurai Remnant already has these Servants playable at launch, the player could only control the Rogue Servants as temporary summons and other main Servants at certain episodes and Digressions. Making them playables in the Battle Recollections is certainly going to be a big way to give players more chances to control them.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. You can also read our review of the game's PC version, where Josh Tolentino rated it 8 out of 10. Koei Tecmo will provide more details about the feature update, including its release date, at a later time.