Touhou Spell Carnival launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2024

Compile Heart has published the Japanese official site for Touhou Spell Carnival while announcing its platforms. The new single-player tactical RPG will be available on PlayStation 5PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2024.

Despite being a tactical RPG, Touhou Spell Carnival will still feature bullet hell mechanics from the original Touhou Project shmup games. With a plentiful of stage gimmicks, the player will be mainly tasked to navigate the characters through the incessant bullet hell while clearing the stages' objectives.

The Japanese press release also mentioned that many characters from the Touhou Project series will appear with voiceovers in this game. So far we know that the series' two protagonists will become the main stars of this title. Hakurei Reimu will be voiced by Mai Nakahara, while Kirisame Marisa is going to be voiced by Yumi Uchiyama.

Touhou Spell Carnival screenshots

Find the Japanese teaser trailer for Touhou Spell Carnival right below. When Compile Heart revealed this title as one of their six upcoming RPGs last October, they only revealed its release window in Spring 2024. As this announcement pertains to Japan, we have still yet to know if the Western localization will reveal additional platforms like PC or not.