HoYoVerse shares a primer on Zenless Zone Zero combat mechanics, introduces Rina and Grace

HoYoVerse is ramping up its promotional efforts for Zenless Zone Zero, ahead of its second closed beta test. In a new series of posts on social media and the HoYoLab community site, HoYoVerse introduced potential players to Grace and Rina, two new playable characters featured in the game's latest trailer. Another post also broke down some of the basics of Zenless Zone Zero's combat system.

The two playable characters introduced were Grace Howard and Alexandrina "Rina" Sebastiane. Grace Howard is a member of the Belobog Heavy Industries faction, and is known for her keen intellect and focus on precision. In the closed beta trailer, she is seen using a form of electrical grenade in combat. Zenless Zone Zero gameplay footage so far. Other previously revealed Belobog Heavy Industries characters include Anton Ivanov, Ben Bigger, and Koleda Belobog.

Rina is part of Victoria Housekeeping Co., and appears alongside her coworkers in the beta trailer, including the wolflike Von Lycaon. Rina exudes an air of "elegance" and uses puppet-like companions in combat.

HoYoVerse also  posted a lengthier breakdown of its combat system, using a tutorial-like slideshow to illustrate a typical battle. In essence, Zenless Zone Zero's combat is conducted in a real-time character action style, and is superficially similar to HoYoVerse's earlier release, Honkai Impact 3rd. However, unlike that game, combat in Zenless seems to be even more focused on timing and character swapping. Players can multiple characters ("Agents") in a team. In combat, Agents have basic and special attacks, and can use EX special attacks when their energy is full. Stunning enemies with special attacks triggers a Chain Attack, which allows an Agent to swap with a team member.

Swapping, frame-perfect dodges, and counterattacks build up a "Decibel Rating", which powers a highly damaging Ultimate attack that the on-field character can deploy. Agents can also assist in various ways, such as swapping in when the on-field character is knocked back or swapping to intercept an incoming hit and retaliate with their own.


Zenless Zone Zero is in development. Sign-ups for the 2nd closed beta are open, though the test does not yet have a publicly announced schedule.