Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King launches on November 30 for mobile devices

Garena has announced that mobile RPG Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King will launch globally on November 30. Interested players can pre-register via the iOS App StoreGoogle Play, or the official website.

Character introduction trailers with both English and Japanese voices can be found below, alongside a description and screenshots, via Garena.



Garena has unveiled the global launch date for Black Clover M : Rise of the Wizard King. Set to launch on both the App Store and Google Play on November 30th, fans and players can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of magic, battles, and adventure! This release features voiceovers by the original cast of the anime series in Japanese and English, with subtitles available in eight languages: English, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Since the start of global pre-registrations in May, Black Clover M has achieved over 5 million pre-registrations, unlocking yet another tier of milestone rewards. With this achievement, players will be able to receive Mimosa’s costume - the cafe uniform, alongside a range of other handy milestone rewards such as black crystals and bond summon tickets, upon the game’s launch.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with your favorite characters from Black Clover M in the latest Squad Introduction video. Featuring cinematic in-game scenes of Black Clover M, the video showcases the remarkable skills and distinctive voices of the game's characters in both Japanese and English, with a focus on the squad leads, offering players a glimpse into the enchanting world of grimoires, combats, and adventure. In an exciting development, the game includes English voiceovers by the original "Black Clover" anime cast. Notably, Christopher R. Sabat voices Yami, Justin Briner takes on the role of Luck, and Colleen Clinkenbeard voices Charlotte, enhancing the game with their exceptional talent and bringing the characters of "Black Clover M" to life.

Pre-register now to unlock exciting milestone rewards, including the exclusive Mimosa costume

In commemoration of surpassing global pre-registration milestones of 2.5 million and 5 million, Garena will be presenting all registrants with a new playable character upon game launch — healing mage Mimosa, together with an exclusive in-game costume — Mimosa’s cafe uniform. This stunning ensemble, exclusively designed for Black Clover M and unavailable in the anime, offers a unique opportunity for players to showcase their style. Pre-register now to unlock this special reward!

As a member of the "Golden Dawn" squad and the royal House Vermillion, Mimosa is fondly recognized by fans as one of the most active healing mages in the original “Black Clover” series. In Black Clover M, fans and players can now experience firsthand Mimosa’s exceptional plant magic skill that helps to heal her companions’ injuries, and witness as she becomes a strong supporter of the team.

All participants who pre-register and follow the official Black Clover M Twitter page will receive the following rewards upon the game's launch:

  • Yul x 100,000
  • Stamina x 30
  • Pop-Potato x 10
  • Free Black Crystal x 300
  • Bond Summon Ticket x 20
  • SR Mimosa x 1
  • Mimosa Costume - Cafe Uniform

From now to November 30th, fans and players can also find out more about the skills and background stories of characters on the pre-registration website. To unleash your inner magic and be part of the adventure, pre-register for Black Clover M on the App Store/Google Play now!

Black Clover M: Rise Of The Wizard King