Honkai Star Rail version 1.6 will gain a new game mode and endgame optimizations

Though the next update for Honkai Star Rail, version 1.5, is coming next week, HoYoVerse has significant changes in store for players coming with the update after it. An announcement posted on the HoYoLab community site gave players a look at a series of additions and changes planned for introduction in Honkai Star Rail version 1.6. Version 1.6 will introduce an entirely new permanent game mode, as well as optimizations to Memory of Chaos, the current endgame-level mode.

The main addition coming with Honkai Star Rail version 1.6 is "Pure Fiction", a new permanent game mode. A twist of sorts on "horde mode", Pure Fiction is a challenge mode where enemies continually respawn. Players earn points by defeating and damaging enemies, trying to defeat as many enemies as possible within a limited number of cycles. They'll also be able to buff the party to improve their performance, combining buffs with their party compositions to maximize their damage output. Players will earn up to 720 Stellar Jade premium currency for each phase of Pure Fiction they can clear.

When Honkai Star Rail 1.6 goes live, Pure Fiction will enter the game mode rotation alongside Forgotten Hall: Memory of Chaos. Currently, Memory of Chaos refreshes every two weeks, but after Pure Fiction arrives it will alternate with Memory of Chaos. In addition to Stellar Jade and other rewards, Self-Modeling Resin will be added to the redeemable rewards from Forgotten Hall and Pure Fiction. Self-Modeling Resin is used in crafting customized Relics to optimize characters with.

Other changes will be related to "Nameless Honor", the game's "battle pass" ladder. In version 1.6, HoYoVerse will add 20 additional tiers to the Nameless Honor point ladder, meaning that it'll take more completions of daily and weekly tasks to fully clear the ladder and obtain all of its rewards. However, the rewards themselves will be increased, with the addition of Credits and Relic Remains as a reward for every tier players unlock. Additionally, the "Gift of the Pathstriders" rewards, which currently offer a choice of different path-oriented growth materials, will be replaced with universal Trace Materials. Players will not be required to choose a material type when obtaining the Gift of the Pathstriders, making it easier to earn resources to improve their characters. Other optimizations will be detailed in future updates.

Finally, a round of changes will make managing Relic equipment more convenient. Players will be able to rapidly enhance Relics and directly target level points when Relics gain new stat entries, the better to select optimized pieces. Players will also be able to tag Relics they don't need for disposal, allowing them to be quickly salvaged. Beyond update 1.6, a "Recommended Relic" function will be added, highlighting the most frequently used Relic sets and main stats for a given character.

Honkai Star Rail is available on PS5, PC, and mobile platforms. Version 1.5 will arrive on November 16, 2023.