Dark Souls PC confirmed in PC Action magazine

German PC gaming magazine PC Action has confirmed a PC version of Dark Souls in its latest issue.

Pictured on the magazine's cover, the magazine boasts an exclusive blow-out on the PC version of the super-hard action RPG from the guys at From Software and Namco Bandai Games. 

Folks on NeoGAF have since nabbed copies of the magazine and are saying that the game will launch in August and is titled Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

It'll also allegedly feature all-new bosses over the original console version.

The news comes after tens of thousands of users signed a petition asking Namco Bandai for a PC release of the title, aimed at the most hardcore of gamers. Not long after the tease, Namco Bandai opened up a new Dark Souls teaser site but wouldn't say what it was for.

You can probably treat this as good as confirmed, but we'll bring you the news when Namco Bandai officially sends us details on it, too.