Unicorn Overlord introduces new Allies, exploring the Overworld, liberating Towns, and additional mechanics

Vanillaware and Atlus pulls back the curtain on a new batch of information for Unicorn Overlord. Six new characters join the fray for players to command, including a spy, witch, and several knights. Plus, people can learn more about the Empire of Zenoira and the five nations surrounding it.

Several systems and mechanics have also been detailed too. Embark on quests to take on battle stages. Liberate towns from your enemies and rebuild them to build facilities like inns, which will serve you delicate meals crafted by Vanillaware. Station troops in reconstructed locales to earn rewards from completing stages; they'll also collect items for you.

Forts allow players to conduct prearranged mock battles among their allies. They can increase the size of their unit limit cap to open up more character slots in a unit. Additional fort functions become available when increasing Renown via completing quests and rebuilding towns. Mercenaries can be hired with Renown in turn.

Unicorn Overlord launches for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024 worldwide simultaneously.

Learn more about Unicorn Overlord down below along with a plethora of new screenshots. 

New Allies


"Fancy way to refer to a spy. You need intel, dirt, or just the latest weather, I'm your man."

A spy who works for the Cornian Liberation Army. He's been in this clandestine line of work for years, but when the Liberation Army is formed, he joins the combat troops under Alain's command.


"It's one of the most prized techniques my master taught me. And not a feat for the weak of heart, mind you."

A young witch living in the swamps of the Witches' village. When the Zenoiran army raids the village and begins to take the witches into captivity, she successfully escapes via a spell of feline transmutation.


"Together, we shall see Zenoira's ambitions defeated!"

A member of the knights of the old kingdom of Cornia. Knighted early in his career, he has been praised for his intelligence and bravery since he was a squire. He has used his talents to lay the groundwork for the Liberation Army as Josef's right-hand man.


"I'll give my all in the royal name, Your Majesty."

Daughter of a friend of Josef. When she joined the Liberation Army, she became Josef's apprentice and studied martial arts and academics. While she maintains a courteous attitude toward Alain as her prince, she also counts herself as one of his good friends.


"I know not why you've summoned me here, my prince, but I am ever yours to command."

Former knight of Cornia. Trusted by Queen Ilenia, he served as her personal guard. During the rebellion, he fought alongside Ilenia, but ultimately he was defeated and captured by Valmore.


"There's not a man in the world who could hope to equal me."

The head of House Meillet, a distinguished Cornian clan. Losing her parents and older brother to illness early in life, she was raised and trained by her aunt and uncle as the heir to the Meillet family.

Unicorn Overlord - Characters

Setting - World

The story takes place on the continent of Fevrith, once comprised of five nations: Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. However, the reborn Zenoiran Empire led by Galerius now dominates the entire continent.

Empire of Zenoira

A great empire that historians say once ruled most of the world, it boasted advanced civilization and technology. Legend has it that, at the height of its prosperity, a mysterious calamity destroyed the whole of the empire in a single day.

  • Kingdom of Cornia: Located in the center of the continent, Cornia claims fertile fields, a powerful military force, and the largest acreage of land out of all five kingdoms. The lords of the kingdom hold great loyalty to the royal family, and Queen Ilenia's name is sacred to her subjects.
  • Drakenhold: A land of mountains and deserts in the southeastern part of the continent, the kingdom holds abundant mineral resources and boasts a strong military force led by dragon knights. It also has a long history of border disputes with Cornia.
  • Elheim: A land of elves both light and dark, nestled in verdant forests in the southwestern part of the continent. It boasts a unique system of government headed by a divine seer known as the Turenós. The Winding Wood guards this land from outsiders.
  • Bastorias: A country extending across a vast cold region to the north, populated by various types of beast-folk known as "bestrals" who possess frightening martial prowess. Currently, the country is not ruled by a king but rather a council of clan leaders.
  • Albion: A religious state on a large island in the western part of the continent, it commands strong faith-based national and military power under the Pontiff of the Palevian Orthodoxy. Many inhabitants are part of a winged population known as Angels.



Explore the vast overworld at your leisure, encountering various quests and events. Fight against enemies, liberate and rebuild captured settlements, and prepare your forces to advance even further.


Various events (quests) occur while exploring the overworld.
Take on quests, complete battle stages, and then reap the rewards. All sorts of events are logged as quests.

Liberating Towns

When you defeat imperial forces and liberate towns and forts, you'll gain access to armories and tool shops.
Wandering enemies in the region will also disappear, making it easier to explore the area.

Rebuilding Towns

Towns devastated by imperial rule can be reconstructed by delivering materials, adding facilities and functions that can be used.
When large towns and fortified cities are rebuilt, "inns" will be added, where they will be able to serve meals.


Items are scattered throughout the overworld, encouraging exploration.
Many of these items can be delivered to towns to help rebuild, so be proactive in collecting them.
These items will also refresh after a certain number of battles are completed.


You can station your comrades in reconstructed towns.
Once a character is garrisoned in a town, you will receive rewards each time you complete a stage.
Garrisoned soldiers will also collect nearby items from the overworld for you.


At forts, you can engage in mock battles in which prearranged allied units fight each other.
You can also expand the size of your units to bolster the number of available character slots in a unit.
Ultimate maximum size of 10 units with up to 5 members in each.

Honors and Renown

To use a fort, you need to prove your valor by earning Honors, and to unlock the functions of a fort, you need the appropriate Renown Rank.
Honors can be earned by clearing stages and delivering goods, while Renown is earned through quest completion and town rebuilding. 
Build Renown to hire mercenaries who you can customize as you see fit.

Encounter Battles

Find wandering enemies on the overworld to trigger an encounter.
Finish off the enemy in one battle to earn experience and Honors.
Losing an encounter will send you back to Liberation territory, so watch your strength,


Pay gold to play a mining minigame at quarries.
Mine as much ore and minerals as you can within the time limit.
You might dig up an old treasure map...?