Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis PC version appears on Steam

Square Enix has opened a Steam store page for Final Fantasy Ever Crisis, its free-to-play RPG based on the Final Fantasy VII franchise. The page shows off product information for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, though it doesn't specify a launch window. The page is also inaccessible in some regions, indicating that whenever it launches, the PC version of the game may only be available in some areas (such as North America, where the page is visible without the use of a VPN).

As a sweetener, Square Enix is also offering free gifts to players who begin the game whenever it does launch on Steam:

Start FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS to get luxurious gifts!

New players will recieve the below gifts, so make sure to add FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS to your wishlist!
- Blue Crystal x3,000
- 5★ Wpn. Guaranteed Draw Ticket x1
- Draw Ticket x30
- Gear Voucher x1
- Jumpstart Item Set x2
- 5★ Zweihander x2
- 5★ Apology in Hell x1

The product page does not mention if existing players on the mobile versions of the game will be able to carry over their progress to the PC version, though the page does promise "Cross-Platform Multiplayer", indicating that cooperative battles across mobile and PC are likely possible.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis first launched on iOS and Android devices in September 2023, and adapts various works in the greater Final Fantasy VII, such as FFVII itself and spin-offs like Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, which shut down operations in January 2023. Check out Josh's impressions of the game's closed beta at this link.

At the moment, though, the game does not contain the full story of Final Fantasy VII, and instead covers parts of the Midgar arc, as well as containing new, original material set before the events of FFVII, as well as a story centered on characters from The First Soldier. Over the weekend Square Enix announced the next main story chapter coming to Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, releasing a trailer for Chapter 4, "Cloud's Memory".

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available on iOS and Android devices, and is in development for PC.