Controversial pizza emote is finally accessible to purchase in Final Fantasy XIV

The Eat Pizza Emote for Final Fantasy XIV, was previous exclusive to an extremely limited promotion only avaliable in America, almost two years ago. This emote sparked quite a bit of controversy. Unlike other food collaboration items have released such as the Chocorpokkur, that you could get by buying Butterfingers. As this was a region locked code, avaliable only when ordering from GrubHub using a coupon on a specific day. Making matters worse the bonus code for the pizza emote often didn't appear for many who had purchased using the correct coupon, as they apparently had run out of codes. This later came to Japan as a different collaboration promotion.

Now it is finally avaliable in other regions and to anyone who missed out, at a price, on the Final Fantasy Online Store (part of the Mog Station). The "Eat Pizza" emote being priced at $7.00 USD or €4.90, and the furniture "Pepperoni Pizza Set" at $5.00 USD or €3.50. It's up to you whether you'd like to spend that money on real pizza for a moment, or a virtual pizza for however long the servers live.