Wartales unveils Pirates of Belerion DLC adding a new region, seafaring, and 1v1 duels against sea captains

Shiro Unlimited has pulled back the curtain on the Pirates of Belerion DLC for their open-world CRPG, Wartales. The DLC adds the new, massive Belerion region. In order to navigate this region, the DLC adds a new form of traveling - seafaring. As you can surmise from the title of DLC, it revolves around pirate ships and traveling by sea. The Pirates of Belerion DLC launches on December 14 for PC (Steam, GOG) first; it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC Game Pass versions in 2024.

Along with the new region and navigation through the sea, the Wartales Pirates of Belerion DLC brings naval warfare and players can even challenge sea captains to 1v1-style duels. There are also fearsome Sea Lords that can be fought.

The base Wartales game will be getting a content update alongside the release of the DLC including "a new class, weapon type, customization options, bug fixes, and quality-of-life enhancements" according to Shiro Unlimited.

Check out the announcement teaser for it, along with new screenshots down below.

Wartales, the medieval open-world tactical RPG from developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited, today unveils the Pirates of Belerion DLC, setting sail first on Steam and GoG Dec. 14, 2023 in tandem with a free update for the base game. Pirates of Belerion will launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC Game Pass in 2024.

Navigate Wartales’ largest realm to date, challenging fierce Sea Lords over their beloved dominion of the Belerion islands. Steer a worthy vessel through evolving wind conditions while sinking rival ships in tactical naval warfare. Break bread with native island-dwellers and succeed in brand new 1v1-style duels with infamous sea captains on a nautical journey with more than 25 hours of content to explore.

Alongside the DLC comes a free base game update including a new class, weapon type, customization options, bug fixes, and quality-of-life enhancements

Wartales Pirates of Belerion DLC