Demonschool receives a delay to Q2 2024

Developer Necrosoft Games and publisher Ysbryd Games showed off their upcoming tactical RPG Demonschool at the PC Gaming Show 2023: Most Wanted livestream event. They provided a brief look of its battle system in actiong along with an announcement that the title has been pushed back to Q2 2024; the title was previously slated to release in 2023.

The new footage details how party members operate in battle and some of them can't deal damage at all, but provide useful utility or support functions instead. I previously went hands-on with Demonschool at PAX West 2023 for RPG Site and gave a thorough breakdown of its battle system in action.

Check out the new Demonschool gameplay footage below. The title will be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Demonschool, the school-life tactics RPG with hints of Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Italian horror cinema from developer Necrosoft Games and publisher Ysbryd Games (WORLD OF HORROR, VA-11 HALL-A), hints at what’s to come in a new combat explainer, as seen in today’s PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase.

Demonschool starts a semester of spooky circumstances on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Steam Deck in Q2 2024. 

As the heir of the last demon hunter family, incoming college freshman Faye must balance studies and scares to survive one hell of a semester.

Investigate mysterious happenings and mend the tear between worlds while building friendships with Faye’s classmates. Strengthen the bond between demon-busting teammates to bolster flashy combos in tactical, Into the Breach-inspired combat.

Fight creepy demons, gargantuan bosses, and other monstrosities on a chess-like board where movement equals action and time can be rewound.

Strategize the squad’s moves in the Planning phase, utilizing the skills of each character to create optimal arrangements and combo strikes.

Place party members in the proper positions, then enter the Action phase and watch each punch, heal, and impressive combo play out simultaneously.

Reveal hundreds of cooperative attack combinations between 15 possible teammates and stylishly send demons back to hell!