HoYoVerse introduces the Cunning Hares in new Zenless Zone Zero character teasers

Zenless Zone Zero may still be in closed testing, but HoYoVerse is ready to let the wider public know more about the game's playable characters. A new set of character teasers introduces Nicole, Anby, and Billy, the three members of the Cunning Hares. The trio are also the first three playable characters new players can acquire in the game.

The Cunning Hares are a small team of troubleshooters that moonlight as Hollow Raiders - mercenaries that explore New Eridu's Hollows for profit. The three are among the first characters seen in the game, as the initial storyline revolves around them. They interact and hire "Phaeton", a legendary New Eridu Proxy account that is operated by the siblings Belle and Wise (who are the player character's avatar). A fourth member, Nekomata, is added during the story but as of the 2nd beta test, is not permanently playable without acquiring her via the gacha.

Here's Nicole's trailer:

Nicole Demara is the Cunning Hares' founder. Though fixated on money, she has problems managing it, keeping the team in a perennially precarious financial situation. In-game, she's an A-Rank ranged fighter with the Ether element type, and uses a luxury bag modified with multiple gun barrels and an internal cannon. Her special attacks generate an energy field that pulls enemies toward its center to do periodic Ether damage. In Japanese, she's voiced by Yuu Serizawa, who voiced Iroha from 3D Girlfriend and Shera from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.

Here's the trailer for Billy Kid:

With two revolvers, an agile cyborg body, and an undying love of the Starlight Knight hero show, Billy is the team's shooter. He excels at dealing high physical damage against enemies he can line up, but can also shoot foes all around him with his dodge attacks. In Japanese he's voiced by Yuu Hayashi, who voices Tokyo Revengers' Manjirou and Haikyuu!!'s Ryuunosuke.

Here's Anby's trailer:

Anby's trailer is something of a prologue to the game's opening story, showing how the Cunning Hares ended up in the situation that landed them in contact with Phaeton and the player. A taciturn young girl with a mysterious past, Anby was taken in by Nicole as an adoptive sister. Though highly competent in melee combat and possessing advanced fighting techniques, the origins of her skills are a mystery. She also lacks common sense, tending to take overly literal inspiration from movies and fiction. Though she does physical damage with her normal attacks, her special attacks and ultimate do Electrical damage, increasing her effectiveness against mechanized foes. In Japanese, Anby is voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, who voices Anya from Spy x Family and Frieren from Frieren: After Journey's End.

Zenless Zone Zero is in development for PC and mobile devices. It does not yet have a full release window.