RPG Maker With releases in Japan for Nintendo Switch on April 11

Kadokawa and Gotcha Gotcha Games have announced the Japanese release date for RPG Maker With. The series' newest console entry will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on April 11, 2024.

RPG Maker With will have a new Asset Sharing feature where users can upload maps, events, or databases for others to download as references. Users can also add Likes to the shared Assets that will improve the rating and visibility.

The preceding console entry was RPG Maker MV Trinity (also known in the West as simply RPG Maker MV—the exact same title as the original PC build). While that one was originally planned for release on three consoles, Kadokawa and NIS America eventually only released the entry on the PS4 and Switch, with the Xbox One version canceled entirely. However, MV Trinity was also the only console entry to have a multiplatform release, as prior entries were released exclusively on the PS2, PS1, or SNES.

You can find the release date announcement trailer and new screenshots for RPG Maker With right below.

RPG Maker With screenshots