The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria- releases in Japan in 2024

Nihon Falcom has revealed The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria- as the latest entry to the Trails series that will also mark its 20th anniversary since the original release of Trails in the Sky FC in Japan in 2004. The company stated that the new RPG will be released in Japan in 2024, but they have still yet to announce any platforms.

Kai no Kiseki is also the exact title that Falcom had previously teased in their most recent financial report last November. Considering their usual pattern of releasing major games, there, there is a good chance that the new RPG will be released by late September 2024 to coincide with the end of the company's fiscal year—barring any possible extraordinary delays.

You can find the first screenshots for The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria- and our translation of the story synopsis right below. A spoiler warning is also in effect as due to the series' nature, players are expected to have enough knowledge of every Trails entry released to date; including the Trails Through Daybreak duology (with the second game still yet to have an English localization announced)

The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-

Story Synopsis (Series Spoiler Alert Advised)

"In the year 120X, everything will end."

The demise of the Zemuria continent was predicted by C. Epstein, the father of the Orbal Revolution.

As the "X Day" draws near, an orbal rocket is about to be launched from a gigantic base built in the lands of Kunlun.

"Can people find their way to outside the atmosphere?"
"What exists at the end of the continent?"
"Can humanity know the truth behind the 'world'?"

While the world watches over the massive undertaking made since the dawn of history, factions from various lands—starting with the Spriggan man—seem to gather at a certain place in the autonomous state Ored, which is also said to have a technological singularity.

Will the single-line trail heading towards the faraway sky really become the future of Zemuria, or...?