Star Trek Online 14th Anniversary Event brings Deep Space Nine and Voyager alumni to the cast

The PC version of online RPG Star Trek: Online celebrates its 14th anniversary in a matter of weeks, and developer Cryptic is commemorating the occasion by launching a new "season" for the game. Titled Star Trek Online: Both Worlds, the new season will further expand the game's story, as well as add new voice talents drawn from the cast rolls of classic Star Trek TV shows and movies.

Star Trek Online: Both Worlds will feature a new story mission, continuing the narrative arc established in the previous season, Star Trek Online: Incursion. There, player captains will work to combat a multiversal incursion by Mirror Borg, led by the Borg King. The story will involve voice performances from Nicole de Boer, reprising her role as Ezri Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Garret Wang, who plays Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager.

Besides the story mission, the Star Trek Online 14th anniversary event will add a new multiplayer Task Force Operation, where teams of players will take on a simulation of one of Starfleet's most devastating encounters: The Battle of Wolf 359.

For a limited time during the event, players can log into the game and participate in daily tasks to earn a new playable Tier 6 starship, the Khitomer Alliance Rex. Built as a collaboration between Klingon Empire, the Federation, and the Romulan Republic, the Khitomer Alliance Rex incorporates technology and principles from all three galactic powers in its design.

Star Trek Online: Both Worlds will launch on PC on January 23, 2024, and will be free to access for all players. It'll launch on consoles at a later date in 2024.