Tabletop-inspired Touhou adventure RPG Marisa of Liartop Mountain announced for PC

Publisher UnknownX and developer Alliance Arts have announced Marisa of Liartop Mountain, a Touhou adventure RPG inspired by tabletop RPGs set to release in 2024 for PC (Steam).

An announcement teaser trailer, description, and screenshots can be found below.

Advance or retreat, there lies a mountain of falsehood. In the depths of Marisa's lies, the conclusion to the story will be decided by you.

Welcome to a mystic world of adventure, sewn together by a singular magical book. 'Marisa of Liartop Mountain' is an adventure role-playing game that progresses according to the player's decision-making, in addition to the guidance of dice. You, the player, will play as Reimu and explore a mountain of books filled with mysteries and lies in search of the whereabouts of the missing Marisa.


Deep in the stacks, a book is discovered.
Marisa, with the dusty book in her hands, has disappeared.
And the next morning, a new mountain suddenly appeared in Gensokyo
Deep within the fire-breathing mountain, what is the fateful choice that looms over you?

Game System

  • Your choices change the whole story
Inspired by the famous game book, this game is filled with unimaginable freedom of choice.
Each decision spins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
  • Future of the battle entrusted to your wits and dice rolls
You may encounter with a monster, win, or lose – it depends on the dice rolls.
You can enjoy both the feel of playing an analog game on a tabletop, and the high tempo and comfortable experience that only a digital game can offer.

Participating creators

  • Scenario: Hugo Hall
  • Music: RD-Sounds
  • Theme song sung by Sarasa Toumi
Marisa of Liartop Mountain