Steampunk CRPG Sovereign Syndicate now available for PC

Crimson Herring Studios has today released Sovereign Syndicate for PC (SteamGOG). The steampunk CRPG is priced at $19.99, with a 10% discount until January 22.

A new release trailer and description can be found below, via Crimson Herring Studios. 

For more information, you can check out the release date trailer, or Gamescom gameplay trailer.

The day has finally come to explore the Docklands in Crimson Herring Studios debut title, Sovereign Syndicate, which is out now on both Steam and GOG!

Take to the smoggy streets of a fantastical steampunk rendition of Victorian London, doffing your cap to centaurs, cyclopes, and other remarkable city residents, as you play through the lives of three different characters, each with their own mysteries to solve and burdens to bear. Draw your hand against the whims of fate with Sovereign Syndicate's unique Tarot system, unlocking arcana as you proceed to unravel who Atticus, Clara, and Otto truly are, with their choices impacting their humors and the temperament of the city.

Sovereign Syndicate is available now on both Steam and on GOG for $19.99 USD with 10% discount for launch.

About Sovereign Syndicate

Explore an open world in this Victorian steampunk cRPG. Choose from three playable characters with branching stories that intertwine. Investigate, interact, and take action to leave your mark on the world and its inhabitants. No random stat points here, use your skills to level them up, and trust your fate to our tarot card chance system.

So, how will you solve your problems? Combat, persuasion, magic, explosives? The choice is yours and all your cards are on the table; but be careful, the docklands aren’t for the faint of heart.


  • A large open world to explore, 20 different locations spread over the city’s east docklands
  • Three playable characters
  • Three intertwined stories to experience
  • Branching narrative and dialogue system
  • Character customization
  • Tarot card chance system
  • Single-player