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Class of Heroes 2 Official Trailer Revealed

With 13 days left to go for the fundraiser, there has been a trailer posted to the official Kickstarter page of Class of Heroes 2.

The trailer showcases a lot of the gameplay features for the JRPG, including the variety of map locations (does an outside dungeon actually exist?), the variety of races and classes, all wrapped around that same old-school first-person perspective featured in the first game. Aside from the fact that a lot of the trailer is still in Japanese, there does appear to be a nice boost in volume over the original to keep people satisfied, and the game looks to move at a fast enough tick where it works as a portable title. The last seconds of the trailer even reveal the stats for the game, like the fact that it will feature over 100 dungeons, over 140 quests, and 10 different races each with their own set of classes.

Regardless of what happens with the Kickstarter project itself, Class of Heroes 2 does look fairly deep and will definitely have a good amount of content to provide for fans of this particular style of RPG. Whatever fate has in store for Victor Ireland and the rest of the crew at Gaijinworks, we will definitely looking forward to the Western release and specifically the awesome-sounding Deluxe Edition when it arrives hopefully later this year. You can check out the trailer by visiting this link.

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