Sword of Convallaria receives a playable demo during Steam Next Fest from February 5 to February 12

XD Games has revealed that their free-to-play pixel-art tactical RPG Sword of Convallaria will be playable for a limited time during the Steam Next Fext event from February 5 to February 12. Although Sword of Convallaria was initially supposed to release last year, its global release was pushed back to some time in 2024. The Steam Next Fest demo will contain up to 10 hours of single-player content for people.

Sword of Convallaria's full release will have two modes: Elysium and Spiral of Destinies. Elysium is described as a "dynamic online mode", while Spiral of Destinies is a "standalone single-player tactics RPG journey" with multiple endings, roguelike elements, and completely separate from any monetization.

XD Games goes on to clarify that revenue gained from the monetization of the Elysium mode will feed into content development for the Spiral of Destinies single-player mode continuously.

They also mentioned that Sword of Convallaria will initially be launching for Steam, iOS, and Android - but a Nintendo Switch version is in development, as well. Eventually, the developers hope to release the title on other platforms in the future.

One of the features they've added as a response to player feedback from a previous beta test is Move Mode. It activates a specialized UI to move units easier, though the traditional style will still be available too. Some other features they're working on are Guilds and friendly PvP.

For more information on Sword of Convallaria, XD Games has steadily been revealing more characters and development sneak peeks on their Steam News Hub for the RPG.

Sword of Convallaria