NieR Re[in]carnation shuts down simultaneously worldwide on April 30

Square Enix has announced the end of service for NieR Re[in]carnation. The shutdown will be simultaneous worldwide, with the global English version set to cease on April 29 at 22:00 in Pacific Time. Strictly speaking though, the Japanese server would survive for a bit longer until April 30 at 15:00 Japan Time, but it's just a one-hour difference as it would equate to April 29 at 23:00 in the Pacific time zone.

While most other free-to-play games ceased to exist due to the companies 'finding difficulties in continuing to satisfy the player base', Square Enix cited the completion of the game's main story as the primary reason for the closure. The final chapter will also be released simultaneously worldwide on March 28 at 18:00 Pacific Time for the global server and March 29 at 11:00 Japan Time in the Japanese version.

The shutdown of NieR Re[in]carnation also means that Yoko Taro will no longer have an ongoing mobile game he is involved with, unless there is a new one revealed in the near future. The other famous example was SINoALICE, which had its global English server shut down in November 2023 and the Japanese version following suit just recently on January 15. Yoko Taro also worked with Sega to launch 404 GAME RE:SET on April 25, 2023, but this game didn't last long either and it was also shut down a few days ago on January 5.

You can find the final roadmap and message from NieR Re[in]carnation's operation team right below.

We regret to inform you that NieR Re[in]carnation will be ending service with the conclusion of The People and the World.

The final chapter of The People and the World is planned to be released Mar. 28, 2024. The game will run for a month following the final chapter’s release until Apr. 29, 2024 22:00 PST when service will officially end.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our players for your patronage over the 2.5 years since we launched on July 28, 2021.

Until the end of service, we will continue to add content and characters, as well as hold various events and campaigns, so we hope you will continue to enjoy NieR Re[in]carnation until the end.