Fate/stay night REMASTERED releasing worldwide on Nintendo Switch and Steam, later this year

It's a day that many thought might never come, as TYPE-MOON have announced that Fate/stay night REMASTERED - a remaster of Fate/stay night Réalta Nua for Nintendo Switch and Steam will release later this year, complete with English and Simplified Chinese translations. The company revealed the title alongside a teaser trailer, showcasing some of what players can expect.

It goes without saying that today's announcement is a monumental occasion for the visual novel industry internationally. While we still see seminal titles such as Chaos;Head NOAH struggle to release without issue on Steam, a translation of Fate/stay night has been hotly requested in the decades since the VN's original Japanese release. Continuing the momentum that TYPE-MOON and Aniplex have gained with Witch on the Holy Night's western release, and TSUKIHIME -A piece of blue glass moon-'s upcoming translation, it's hard not to see today's announcement as turning a new page on the history of Visual Novels, internationally.

Unfortunately, while the version of Fate/stay night Réalta Nua that this release is based on is the PlayStation Vita version - and despite both Witch on the Holy Night and TSUKIHIME releasing for PlayStation 4 - Fate/stay night REMASTERED has only been announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam. While you'll doubtlessly be able to read the VN on pretty much any PC hardware, it's still a shame that PlayStation users appear to be left out for this monumental release. Fate/stay night REMASTERED will launch later this year on Nintendo Switch and Steam, worldwide.