Jagged Alliance 3 Update 1.5 adds new modding tools, difficulty modifiers

Haemimont Games' Jagged Alliance 3, which released last year for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, has received an update today. Version 1.5, "Larry" - which adds modding tools, difficulty modifiers and a number of bugfixes - per the full patch notes, the developers have gone so far as to supply the tools for players to debug their mods as the game is running.

As per gameplay additions, 10 New Game modififers have been added to the game, allowing players to either add additional challenges to their campaigns or to make the game easier for players. These include the ability to make severe weather effects more common in-game, reduce the experience gain for your squad, or to make it so that wounds will affect movement and accuracy of attacks for both players and enemies alike - among other additions.

When Adam reviewed the PC version of the game last year, he generally had a good time with it - awarding it an 8. It's always great to see developers continue to support their games after launch like this, especially when they add in tools to help players mod their games.

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, February 6th, 2024: With its latest free update, Patch 1.5 "Larry", the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance 3 introduces new content in the form of optional and variable rule sets, enriching your campaign in Grand Chien with fresh challenges and opportunities. Among the examples of how to intensify the trials for your Mercs are features like "Body Count," where your fellow warriors confront larger enemy squads, "Hard Lessons," which prolongs the time needed for a Merc to level up, and "Ammo Scarcity," as the name suggests, introduces scarcity of ammunition. Conversely, players can also leverage rules such as "A.I.M Legendary Deals," which reduce the starting salaries of elite and legendary Mercs, aiding their strategic endeavors. Players have the liberty to combine these rules as they see fit, shaping their challenges as they embark on their mission to liberate Grand Chien!
Moreover, update 1.5 empowers dedicated modders with extensive tools to modify, enhance, and even rebuild most aspects of the game. We eagerly anticipate the release of outstanding mods in the upcoming weeks and months.

Update 1.5 "Larry" includes:

  • New extensive modding tools: Create new campaigns, and quests, edit maps, and much more.
  • 10 new game rules: Customize the difficulty of each playthrough with these optional new rules and combine them as you see fit
  • Some issues fixed