Fate/Samurai Remnant DLC1 Record's Fragment: Keian Command Championship adds Ibuki-Douji to the Servant roster

Koei Tecmo has released Fate/Samurai Remnant's first DLC pack "Record's Fragment: Keian Command Championship" and the company also published a launch trailer to detail the new content.

The teaser trailer barely contained any info other than the preview of all seven Waxing Moon Ritual teams being summoned to a tournament arena, but the DLC content is exactly so: You can also choose to play as any team other than Miyamoto Iori and Saber and even fight them as adversaries. Yui Shousetsu's team is also included and that means the Rider is confirmed to be available as a playable character by getting this DLC. (The Servant is not playable even with update patches if you only own the base game)

However, the new trailer also contains a major announcement in which Koei Tecmo and Type-Moon confirm the inclusion of Ibuki-Douji into the roster. With this DLC installed, you can also go to the base game story and have Miyamoto Iori recruit both Ibuki-Douji and the Boss of Babyloni-ya (a.k.a. Gilgamesh) as Rogue Servants.

As a side note, Ibuki-Douji has already made her appearance in Fate/Grand Order since December 2020. However, she is listed as a Saber-class Servant in the mobile game. For this console game, she instead gets assigned to the higher Ruler class.

Find the official trailer, fact sheet, and screenshots for the DLC right below. Fate/Samurai Remnant is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Koei Tecmo and Type-Moon still have two more DLC packs up their sleeves for this game.

In “Record’s Fragment: Keian Command Championship”, the boss of Babyloni-ya summons Masters and Servants to a mysterious arena, where he suddenly announces the commencement of the Keian Command Championship. In addition to Iori and Saber, players will be able to control the other characters, including the newly playable Rider, enabling everyone to experience the tournament from different perspectives that were not depicted in the main story. Between matches, players will discover new cutscenes and learn more about the characters – and if they manage to win the tournament, players will unlock an ending sequence unique to each team.

In addition to the seven different teams already participating, a new Servant will join the Keian Command Championship: the Divine Spirit Ibuki-Douji! Depending on the team players choose to play as, they may also be able to directly control Ibuki-Douji and fight their way to victory. And once players meet a certain condition, they will even be able to recruit Ibuki-Douji and the boss of Babyloni-ya as Rogue Servants in the main story.

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