Real-Time with Pause RPG Blade Prince Academy set to release on March 7 for PC

Developer Angel Corp and publisher Firesquid announced that their upcoming real-time with pause tactical RPG, Blade Prince Academy, is releasing on March 7 for PC (Steam). The title was initially announced in June 2023 and since then, the game held a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Players take control of various Blade Princes that protect the city of Abjectalia. Its combat system revolves around ongoing action commands that can be paused strategically to input different commands for the party. Learn how characters' skill sets synergize with one another to execute devastating combos against foes.

Aside from battles, Blade Prince Academy has social aspects in which people can manage the school life of the Blade Princes. Enhance skills, build relationships, and form bonds with various characters.

Watch the release date trailer down below for Blade Prince Academy.

Real-time with pause tactical RPG Blade Prince Academy, developed by Angel Corp and published by Firesquid,  is set to release on March 7 for PC via Steam for $19.99/€19.99/£16.75. The game immerses players in the role of Blade Princes, highly trained warriors who protect the city of Abjectalia. Players will fight against gangs, cults, and monsters unveiling the city's secrets and becoming more and more powerful. But they will have to keep in mind that there is always a price to pay when you make a pact with darkness.

Blade Prince Academy features a satisfying combat system, blending real-time action with strategic pauses, and a colourful anime-inspired art-style. The gameplay allows control over battles, encouraging players to strategize, plan attacks, and execute combos with the different characters. The dynamic combat system emphasises dodging, strategic positioning, and environmental advantages, offering a rich tactical experience.

Beyond battles, players will have to manage the school life of their Blade Princes - the Academy serves as a hub: players can enhance their skills, recover, and build relationships. Social dynamics play a key role in team cohesion and mission outcomes. A diverse cast of heroes, each with unique abilities and backstories, enriches the game's narrative and strategic depth. Forming strong bonds and using the pieces of equipment is crucial.

Exploration reveals Abjectalia's secrets, from powerful artefacts to challenging bosses. The game's combo system and character development options, including pacts and talent trees, add layers to gameplay.