FuRyu reveals new action RPG Reynatis at Japanese Nintendo Direct, releasing in Japan on July 25

Update (22 February):

FuRyu has opened the official website for Reynatis. According to it, the game will launch for not only Nintendo Switch but also PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. (The website doesn't show a Steam logo or mention Steam as a platform, but it has Steam mentioned in the copyright section. So take that as you will.) The page also confirms the game is being developed by Natsume Atari.

The site also reveals some of the supporting characters in the game, but not many details are available for now. It does show an interesting gameplay feature in which the protagonist is supposed to conceal their magic power while in non-combat public scenes. If the player somehow opts to unveil that, the general populace will take notice and call the authorities.

The game has some Final Fantasy veterans as part of its key staff, with Kazushige Nojima penning the scenario, Yoko Shimomura doing the soundtrack, and Yusuke Naora making the key artwork. 

The DLC set shown in the game's product description also confirms that there will be crossover items based on FuRyu's prior RPG titles The Caligula Effect and Monark.

Original (21 February):

The Japanese February 2024 Nintendo Direct exclusively featured a new action RPG that was not shown in the American version. FuRyu revealed Reynatis, which will be available in Japan on July 25.

This new action RPG will feature two protagonists standing against each other on opposing sides, and both of them will be playable. The male protagonist Marin Kirizumi is one of the mages whose powers are feared by ordinary people, but he visits Shibuya in order to gain his own freedom. While the female protagonist Sari Nishijima is also a mage, she believes in justice and thus enlisted in the enforcement agency to help safeguard the city.

The brief Direct trailer shows how the player can control either Marin or Sari as they travel around Shibuya both inside and outside combat. They will regularly fight against either human adversaries from the opposing faction or menacing monsters that threaten the world. The top left corner also indicates that each protagonist can be accompanied by up to 2 supporting characters, and the player can also do some kind of battle interactions with them by using the ZR and ZL buttons.

Nintendo has also uploaded a standalone trailer for Reynatis taken from the Japanese Direct, and you can also find it right below.