Gryphline shares world and gameplay trailers for Ex Astris

Gryphline and Hypergryph have released two new trailers for Ex Astris, showcasing world-building and gameplay. The real-time/turn-based hybrid premium (buy-to-play) RPG is set to release on February 27 for iOS and Android devices (iOS App Store / Google Play).

The world building trailer is framed as a mission briefing, introducing the world of Allindo and the conflict that has arisen on the planet.

The gameplay introduction trailer is essentially a 4-minute visual tutorial, showing off combat components in detail, exploration on the world map, the game's skill systems, and more.

Both videos can be found below.

Ex Astris - World Building Trailer

Ex Astris - Gameplay Introduction Trailer

Welcome to Allindo, Investigator.

Your investigation begins in Doran, the nation of eternal day. Hop in Zeolite and embark on a mesmerizing adventure where you'll meet distinctive Allindish companions and discover the unknown secrets of this alien planet.

Behind the breathtaking landscape, a storm is brewing and a calamity draws near. Prepare your team for the impending crisis by spending Astrite to enhance character's strength. Gather recipes and materials to craft Laylah Keys, mysterious artifacts that boost your party's power. Identify enemy weaknesses and strategically set up your team to counter effectively. And make sure to spare time between battles to enjoy the local delicacies unique to this foreign world.

"Go through the storm and transcend eternity. Bon voyage!"

Ex Astris is a real-time/turn-based hybrid premium 3D RPG published by Gryphline.  Assume the role of an exoplanet investigator and set out on an extraterrestrial journey in the world of Allindo.  We look forward to meeting you on an epic odyssey in search of the truth.