SaGa Emerald Beyond takes a closer look at Siugnas's story, the Generals, Vampire-exclusive systems, and Roles

Square Enix has pulled back the curtain on many new details for SaGa Emerald Beyond  that revolves around the undying Dismal King, Siugnas - one of the selectable protagonists in this new installment of SaGa. They recently released a trailer showing off some new gameplay footage for the vampiric main character.

Siugnas's story starts as he awakes in the land of the dead, Brighthome. Still confused as to how he got there, the immortal vampire is recruited into a group known as the Generals, which are the king's band of warriors. Invaders threaten the land as Siugnas becomes acquainted with his new brothers-in-arms among the Generals.

The members of the Generals are introduced and are playable party members. Several other external party members are introduced, as well - including a machine from another world, a blue-haired woman that sings death metal songs, and a... scarecrow.

Several new mechanics in SaGa Emerald Beyond's complex battle system are detailed too. Being the only vampire in existence, Siugnas has a plethora of unique systems that allow him to drain the blood of party members to use special skills in battle. His party members can gain access to these skills as well, but the risk is great and can potentially leave them permanently useless if not managed properly.

Read up on all the new information down below.

SaGa Emerald Beyond releases on April 25, 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), and mobile devices simultaneously.

Siugnas’s Story

An immortal vampire and the Dismal King who rules Yomi, a world shrouded in darkness

After being removed from his throne by someone or something's betrayal, he awakes to find himself in Brighthome, a world where fallen warriors gather. He is recruited into the king’s band of warriors called the Generals and sent to fight in a chaotic battle against invaders. But how did he, an immortal, end up in a world where only the dead can go? Together with fellow members of the generals, he begins a journey to regain his abilities as the Dismal King.



People call him “Philosopher,” but he says he isn't one. He speaks his mind and is able to express his opinions to the "General" in a straightforward manner. The "General" listens to what he says, to some extent. He is the type who has no qualms with speaking the truth and his words tend to be harsh. He is always right, so his opponents are never able to argue with him and their hostility grows.


He looks like a boy, but he is a genius military commander. He excels in all aspects of his job, including battlefield analysis, operational planning, and command and control. He is at such a high level of intelligence that all other beings look foolish to him. He is bored. Those who meet him are fooled by his appearance and underestimate him, but they soon realize that they were wrong and are deeply impressed by the certainty of his analysis and the simplicity of his orders. They are captivated by the words he says to them when they accomplish a task, and from then on, they are absolutely committed to his orders.


He was a warrior who protected his village from wild animals and wily thieves. He has a strong sense of responsibility and lives for protecting others. He is kind to all people and is always calm. In the end he could not protect his village. He then came to Brighthome . His heart is full of sorrow. Only when learning the harshness of reality could he truly be kind - to anyone but himself.


A loyal and compassionate man. A hero who helps the weak and crushes the strong. Still, he has a tendency to disrespect those of a higher status, resulting in his arrival at Brighthome


He used to slay demons. One day, a demon in human form appeared and approached his young niece. He summarily slayed the humanesque demon. Slaying someone made him famous, and many sought to use his penchant for murder for their own benefit. Though he began by slaying only demons, he eventually moved to evil individuals and then to the innocent. His actions begin to weigh heavily upon him and a darker mood envelopes him. He has a weakness for being praised, being depended upon, and being ordered around.


A former champion in some kind of competitive sport. He is tough on others and even tougher on himself. His well-trained body shows no sign of decline. His words and actions are flashy and do not give the impression of being stoic at all, but he makes tremendous efforts in places where people cannot see. He demands the same from others, which is why he is disliked.

Characters Who Can Join the Party


He used to be a battle machine in some other world. He was fighting for pride and freedom with his friends but was ultimately destroyed.


She follows the protagonist, mistaking him for the resurrected form of her dead master. Although she appears to be an obedient maid, she bears the mark of death upon her, and sings death metal songs with glee.


An observation mecha made in the Crowrealm. It expresses emotions with four kinds of mechanical sounds. Whether the purpose of observation is for military, scientific, or daily life, we do not know now. What we do know for certain is that the scarecrow did not create it.


A species that has existed since the times when there were many crows in the Crowrealm. But they have long forgotten that they are associated with crows, or what crows even are in the first place. People have no idea what exactly they are either.


She says she is researching the history of the Crowrealm. Since there is no institution of higher education or research like a university in the Crowrealm, it seems that "professor" is a self proclaimed title, but both the amount of knowledge and the level of intellect she possesses make her worthy of being called a professor.

The Worlds of SaGa Emerald Beyond


A world ruled by the Dismal King. A dark world ruled by a dark king. Suffering, anger, all of it exists for the Dismal King. Will the darkness last forever?


An eternal battlefield. Heroes! An eternal battle awaits you! Only battle can make you shine as heroes! Now is the time to gather at the House of Joy!

The Crowrealm

Where sand covers everything. No flying birds in the sky, no running beasts on the ground. How did the endless deserts create these gigantic machines? How did the scarecrows come into being?

A Combat System That Includes a Wide Variety of Races, Weapons, Techs and Spells

A Wide Variety of Races: Vampires

Siugnas is the only one of the Vampire race in existence. Like humans, he can use most equipment and learns techs/spells via glimmers, and he also has access to special Sanguine Arts that consume LP.
By draining the blood of party members, he can also increase his maximum LP and learn additional Sanguine Arts.
In addition, the player can acquire the ability to use an ability called "Sanguine Roles" by using special equipment called "Sanguine Gear."

Vampire Mechanic: Thrall and Knight

The maximum LP of party members who have their blood drained will decrease, putting them in a "Thrall" state. In addition, giving Thrall mode party members Sanguine Gear can turn them into a Knight. Characters who become a Knight will have an increased maximum LP and will be able to use Sanguine Roles and Sanguine Arts.

However, Sanguine Gear given to a Knight cannot be used by other party members, and if a Knight is “stripped” of their Sanguine Gear in order to use it, they become a “Wastrel.”

When characters become a Wastrel, their LP is reduced to 1, and they can no longer use Sanguine Arts, Sanguine Roles, or learn new Sanguine Tech. As there is no way to restore a party member who has become a Wastrel, strategy is required in deciding who to knight and when.


  • Party member gets blood drained to enter "Thrall" state.
  • Equip Blood Gear to become a Knight - now can use Sanguine Roles & Sanguine Arts.
  • Remove Blood Gear turns party member to a Wastrel.

Sanguine Arts

Sanguine Arts can only be used by Vampires and Knights, and many of them have powerful effects that are worth the LP they cost.

Unlike normal techs and spells, the Sanguine Arts you possess is shared by all members of the group, and the same Sanguine Arts cannot be equipped and used by more than one person at a time.


Each character can be equipped with "Roles" in addition to equipment, techs and spells. Many of them have effects that equipment does not have, and they are elements that change the way a character fights. Roles are not only acquired through learned techs, spells, and fighting styles, but there are also those unique to each character as well.
There are also "Souls" which only Kugutsu can equip, and "Blood Roles" which can be utilized by Vampires and Knights. Souls contain techs, and if a Kugutsu equips one, they will be able to use soul techs.
In addition to all-rounder roles, there are also specialised roles, such as Tsunanori’s Kugutsu Master role, and sanguine roles, which are housed in sanguine gear.

Weapon Type: One-handed Gun

The one-handed gun is a highly responsive weapon with an abundance of Conditional Techs.
Many techs have characteristics that are effective against flying enemies.
Also, when equipped with two one-handed guns and a special role, the Guns Akimbo Tech can be used.
When equipped with a one-handed sword, a one-handed gun, and a special role, the Sword and Gun Tech can be used.

Ranking Up Techs

Characters become more proficient in a tech with repeated use...
... causing the tech to rank up.
As techs rank up...
... they become more powerful and, potentially, their BP costs decrease.