Registration opens for next Zenless Zone Zero Closed Beta test

Players interested in Zenless Zone Zero will get another chance to play it before launch as developer HoYoVerse has announced that registration is now open for a new round of closed beta testing. The previous closed beta took place late in 2023 and early in 2024, and gave a number of players access to a substantial chunk of the early game. Zenless Zone Zero is scheduled for a full release sometime in 2024, but a specific date has yet to be announced. Would-be players can apply to be selected for the test at this link.

HoYoVerse had a new trailer on hand to show off new characters and features that should show up in the third Zenless Zone Zero closed beta, this time called the "Amplifying Test". In our in-depth preview based on the second "Equalizing Test" closed beta we found that Zenless Zone Zero packaged engaging character action combat alongside an interesting, lively-feeling game world and unique, modern sense of style.

The Amplifying Test will feature retuned mechanics, particularly optimizations to the "Hollow Board" exploration system. Combat refinements are aimed to make the game's fights feel more dynamic, while the game will will offer more "urban life events" to improve the "residential experience" for players. The test will also feature a new playable character, Zhu Yuan, and a new faction: The Criminal Investigation Special Response Team.

Zenless Zone Zero is set for release on PC, mobile, and PS5 sometime in 2024.

Zenless Zone Zero Closed Beta Screenshots