Front Mission 2: Remake demo now available for Nintendo Switch

Forever Entertainment has announced that a free demo for Front Mission 2: Remake is now available for Nintendo Switch. Forever states that save data from the demo will transfer to the full game.

The remade strategy RPG originally released in October 2023. Quinton was mixed in his review, where he praised the tactical components but came away bewildered at the dire English localization. 

While the remake of the first Front Mission eventually made its way to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms after its Switch debut, no such announcement has yet been made for the remade sequel.

Dive straight into the action with the FRONT MISSION 2: Remake free demo, available starting today on Nintendo Switch!

The Demo is the perfect introduction for those looking to get started with FRONT MISSION 2: Remake. It includes the first two levels (Rimian Base and Batari Forest), a garage where you can customize your Wanzer, and a limited access to the Network system during the intermission!

Download free demo here: