Open-world Wuxia action RPG Where Winds Meet begins its first PC Closed Beta in North America on April 19

Developer Everstone Studio and publisher NetEase Games has unveiled that it will be holding a 4-day closed beta for their upcoming open-world Wuxia action RPG Where Winds Meet  on April 19 for North America. They are holding a beta sign-up for the Where Winds Meet closed beta test here from April 2 to April 9. We've been provided a handy calendar on when all the significant dates start and end for sign-ups and the closed beta period.

Alongside this announcement, the developer and publisher have released a brand-new trailer for Where Winds Meet. Lasting over five minutes, it provides a good chunk of footage consisting of story cutscenes and gameplay segments. It highlights the player's character wandering a detailed town before a thrilling escape sequence. 

The latter half of the trailer contains a lot of open-world gameplay sequences and a lot of visceral Wuxia action as the action RPG revolving around Chinese martial arts comes to life.

Watch the new trailer down below along with additional information on Where Winds Meet. The title's full release is set to come out on PC, but no release date have been stated.

Developer Everstone Studio has announced that Where Winds Meet will be commencing a limited beta test this month, and will start actively recruiting PC players in North America for the first time.

In Where Winds Meet, players will embark on an unforgettable journey in an oriental Wuxia open-world action-adventure RPG set in ancient China's tumultuous Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era. Players will assume the role of a young swordsman uncovering the mysteries of their own identity, experiencing thrilling adventures in a volatile historical era brimming with infinite possibilities, and crafting their own Wuxia (Chinese Martial Arts Style) stories.

Starting April 2, players based in the United States and Canada with access to a gaming PC are invited to sign up to participate in the first ever overseas Closed Beta Test. The recruitment period will close on April 18. From April 15 a pre-download will be made available, and on April the 19 the closed beta test itself will begin.

As a wandering swordsman, players will discover an unparalleled free open world for them to explore, as they embark on an epic adventure through a vast and seamless open world, where breath-taking landscapes unfold before their eyes. 

Rooted in the rich traditions of Chinese history, players can learn and experience the essence of Wuxia martial arts during their adventures and use them as the fundamental means for open-world exploration and problem-solving.

Taking Tai Chi as an example, this technique focuses on redirecting the opponent's force and using softness to defeat strength. In the game, players can find solutions that achieve great results with minimal effort. For instance, using a waterfall's force to break through a solid wall or gathering scattered leaves to unleash surprising power. Even in tough battles, players can use the opponent's own force against them or use their weapons to gain an advantage.

Diving into an immersive and authentic world, with realistic physical conditions, real consequences, and the interconnectedness of nature and society, players can Interact with a diverse cast of characters, shaping their narratives through their choices.

High-quality, realistic, and rich cultural landscapes, real-time weather and lighting rendering, intricate details, and lifelike interactions provide a wholly immersive experience.

Where Winds Meet features original Wuxia combat with diverse weapons and skills, allowing their character to master the precision of Chinese martial arts. Players can engage in close-quarters combat using Spear, Long Swords, Twin Blades, Broadsword, and fans, or utilize a bow for ranged attacks.

They can also choose to ally with different Wuxia factions, each with its special martial skills. Alternatively, players can choose not to join any factions, yet still can learn the special martial skills of each.

Where Winds Meet lets players experience different points of interest inspired by Chinese traditions and historical fiction. They can even engage in exotic mini-games such as playing traditional instruments, playing Chinese chess or playing a game of Touhu, to name but a few.

Addressing the players who wish to join for the first beta test of Where Winds Meet, Beralt Lyu, Producer from Everstone Studio says: “Recruitment is currently ongoing, and we are excited to embark on this thrilling oriental Wuxia adventure journey with you. Your feedback will be crucial to help us in optimizing and refining the game, so thank you for your attention and support, and we look forward to meeting you!”

Where Winds Meet