SaGa Emerald Beyond unveils Diva No. 5's route, the Mech species, Ritgrams, and Mr. S

Square Enix has unleashed the details on the final character route in SaGa Emerald Beyond  for Diva No. 5, a songstress mech that has lost her memory and voice after singing a forbidden song. A new trailer focusing on Diva No. 5's route was recently released, along with the RPG's final trailer. This route can also be started in the Steam demo of SaGa Emerald Beyond and any progress players make in it can be transfered into the full release of the game.

One of the significant groups relevant to Diva No. 5's route is the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force. Diva No. 5 joins them as she explores different worlds; one of them is Wednesday, who is apparently a girl in a battle suit though no one can say for sure. Other non-human species that are part of this task force is a werewolf named Imakoo and the plant humanoid Bláth.

This batch of information introduces the unique aspects of the mech species. They don't grow in strength through combat; rather, their armaments dictate their abilities and techs. Their power level is fixed, so smart allocation of their weapons and armor are the key in making them shine.

Two-handed swords, such as greatswords, katana, and polearms, are detailed as well. SaGa Emerald Beyond will have several puzzle elements through ritgrams.

Read up on all the new information down below.

SaGa Emerald Beyond decends on April 25, 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), and mobile devices simultaneously.

Diva No. 5's Story

A songstress mech who has lost her singing voice and body

A mech who specializes in singing and dancing. She is popular in Avalon, a world where industry has developed around the royal city.

She was a flawless and captivating entertainer, but after singing a forbidden song she found in the Royal Museum, both her memory and singing functions were disabled, and she lost her ability to sing. Dejected, she abandons her humanoid body and joins the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force, leaving Avalon.

National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force


Takes Diva No. 5 to join the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force. He was in fact the songstress' manager before she lost her memory. He is clearly a suspicious character, but for the songstress who has lost her memory, she has no choice but to follow him.


Is a chief of a tribe which was destroyed by the kingdom, but she refuses to talk about it. She is a warrior with a strong spirit of independence. She joins the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force that Constantine has organized.


A girl in a battle suit? What’s inside the suit is unknown. The suit has the ability to absorb fiends. Joins the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force organized by Constantine.


A species classified as a short lived plant species. For unknown reasons, she joins the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force organized by Constantine.


Supposedly a werewolf, but no one has seen his human form. Joins the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force organized by Constantine.

Characters Who Can Join the Retinue


A woman who says she is a guide for lost people in order to atone for her sins. Seems like there is something more to it...


A troubadour mech that bards various poems for tourists in the Royal Plaza of Avalon. Has quite a peculiar personality.


Merchant captain of Mare Nostrum. He looks more like a pirate, and rightly so. Both his foster father, Baltasar, and his biological father, Sigurd, are famous pirates.


The last remaining guardian of the Sea God’s eggs that will stop at nothing to protect them. She sees pirates as the enemy and is feared by them as well. She is rumored to be the sole crew member of a mysterious blue ship.


A girl who lives in Kamala. After sacred markings appeared on her face, she was chosen to be the next maiden of the Epuyke, a giant life giving flower. There is a reason to why she does not resemble her mother at all.


A Kikir that lives in Kamala. In charge of summoning fiends from other worlds. Very interested in the other worlds.

The Worlds of SaGa Emerald Beyond


Avalon, the royal city where the sun never sets. All manner of people, things, and events are found here. Yet the masses yearn for more. That is what life in a royal capital is like.

Mare Nostrum

Dreams in the great ocean. Face the pirates head on, mates! We've earned all our coin through an honest day's work. I'll be damned if we let them just steal it from us! The ocean belongs to everyone, not just them!


A world of blooming flowers. Life sprouts, grows, blossoms, bears fruit, scatters seeds, and sprouts again. The cycle of life is never ending.

A Battle System That Fully Utilizes a Variety of Races and Weapons, Techs and Spells

Diverse Species: Mechs

Mechs do not increase in strength via combat; their abilities and available techs are determined by their armaments. Since weapons and armor can be freely equipped in any slot, mechs can be used as an immediate asset if they have the right equipment.
In addition, since relics can also be equipped, it is possible to control monster tech.
For Diva No. 5 only, the body type can be changed as the game progresses, and the status, role, and unique tech can change depending on the chosen body type.
Each individual armament grants a specific tech. Be sure to check them when you equip them.

Weapon Type: Two-handed Sword

There are three types of two-handed swords: greatswords, katana, and polearms, all of which allow the wielder to use general two-handed sword techs.
Greatswords have slashing, piercing, and blunt techniques, making it easy to target enemy weaknesses.
Katana have many conditional techs such as interrupts and counters...
... while polearm techs can often slow down enemy actions.
Two-handed sword techs feature increased enmity, making it easier to be targeted by enemies and strike back with counterattacks.


A ritgram is a puzzle that is completed by combining pieces to form a shape, and a ritgram event may occur as the game progresses.
They vary in difficulty and shape, and sometimes require collecting the necessary pieces elsewhere.

Trials by Mr. S

You can select up to three trials given by Mr. S, and by completing them during battle, you will receive items as rewards.
You can attempt the trials as many times as you like, and new trials will be added under various conditions...
... some of which will reward you with valuable items.

Tutelage by Mr. S

Tutelage by Mr. S allows party members who are not in battle to develop chosen abilities. A character who has achieved mastery of their skills can also conduct tutelage like Mr. S on other characters.
The higher the ability of the instructing character, the more efficient the tutelage will be.