Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance delves more into the Nahobino's new form, Mastema's arrival, grinding on Magatsu Rails, socializing at Demon Haunts, and more

Atlus has provided more information on Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance following the release of the title's latest trailer that debuted the Nahobino's new form. A plethora of new official screenshots for the expanded re-release of the turn-based RPG were provided, alongside details of some of the systems teased in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance's initial announcement.

Returning characters such as Hayo Koshimizu, Abdiel, Shohei Yakumo, and Nuwa are briefly introduced. Meanwhile, Mastema invades the world of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance in pursuit of the new Qadištu group.

Some details have emerged on the brand-new explorable Da'at; the Shinjuku ward is now explorable in this title.

Meanwhile, another major element that's been added to Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance are Demon Haunts. These social spaces are accessible through leyline founts and the protagonist's demons show up as interactible NPCs they can talk to. Give them gifts, take photos, and open up special conversations to power them up. Aogami can be spoken to, as well, which may provide ability and stat bonuses for the Nahobino.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance unleashes the Nahobino once again on June 14 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).


Protagonist / Nahobino (VA: Casey Mongillo)

An ordinary high school senior living in Tokyo. He transforms into a Nahobino, a powerful being capable of using supernatural powers to fight demons. Awaken an epic new form in Canon of Vengeance!​

The protagonist has completely altered from his characteristic blue appearance. With a sickle-like blade, what is this form capable of?​

Hayo Koshimizu (VA: Sean Crisden)

"To that end, I would like you to assist with the investigation and cessation of the current threat."​

Koshimizu is the Prime Minister of Japan, as well as head of Bethel’s Japan Branch. Calm, collected, and strategic.

Recruits Ichiro and others to Bethel's cause, giving them the Demon Summoning Program to aid in the war against demons.

Abdiel (VA: Cissy Jones)

"As decreed by our lord, the Nahobino cannot be permitted to exist."

An archangel and commander of the forces of Bethel.​ Very strict and hard on herself and others, she will eliminate by force anyone who disturbs Bethel's order.​

Having absolute faith in God's order, she is devoted to protecting and maintaining His will.

Shohei Yakumo (VA: Ben Lepley)

“Humans need the will to survive at any cost. And those who lack that strength of will... no longer deserve to live."

A mysterious man who stands in the way of the protagonist in Da'at. ​​A man of few words who calls himself the "exterminator of demons."

​His purpose and identity are unknown. He works with the demon Nuwa.

Nuwa (VA: Laura Post)

“Whether I am there or not when Yakumo's world comes to be is of no concern to me."​

Goddess in Chinese mythology. She has been working with Yakumo for unknown reasons since he was a child. ​

They arrive in the netherworld unexpectedly and confront the protagonist.

Mastema (VA: Doug Erholtz)

“I am Mastema, an angel in service to the kingdom of light."

A mysterious archangel and member of Bethel. Says that he has received permission from God to tempt humans and test their faith.​

He has come to Tokyo in pursuit of Qadištu, after they desecrated his own faraway jurisdiction. Could the strange incidents in Tokyo be related to his arrival...?


In addition to the demons that appeared in Shin Megami Tensei V, this title features more than 270 demons, including new demons newly drawn by character designer Masayuki Doi and demons from previous titles!​

Nahobeeho (Fairy)

Jack Frost in a new form, resembling the Nahobino.​ He loves snowy mornings and hopes to one day create a world made of silver.​

Amabie (Enigma)

A Japanese yokai that is said to have appeared in Higo Province during the Edo period, it is said to have emerged from the glowing sea and prophesized to the people.​

Da'at - The Parallel Ravaged Tokyo

The story takes place in the Tokyo we know and the parallel world of Da’at. Demons roam in this vast netherworld, attacking the protagonist.

Da'at varies greatly in aspect from place to place, from desolate deserts and collapsed buildings, to areas lined with surreal geometric structures. Each location may contain different demons, often with tricky terrain that you'll need to use your wits to navigate.​

In Canon of Vengeance, Da’at includes a sprawling new area, Shinjuku ward will become available to explore.​ Various demons roam Da’at, blocking the hero’s way.

Discover the mysteries of Shinjuku ward. A sacred atmosphere created by a huge object that resembles a great tree.

Netherworld Exploration

Da'at is interspersed with a variety of elements, some of which will obstruct the hero's path, while others provide advantages in his Da'at exploration and combat. Explore every corner of the vast netherworld by using these new features. ​

Magatsuhi Crystal

Magatsuhi Crystals present in Da'at can be collected to provide various benefits. Green crystals recover HP, yellow crystals recover MP, and red crystals will increase the Magatsuhi Gauge.

Magatsu Rail

This path formed of Magatsuhi connects and allows for travelling between the two locations in Da’at. Activating it not only provides a shortcut to a specific location, but also allows the user to navigate to hidden locations that are normally unreachable.


Occasionally, there are large red obstacles growing in the path of the main character. This obstacle is known as an Abscess. Powerful enemies appear in the vicinity and attack the protagonist. Defeating Abscesses will awaken new Miracles.​

Magatsuhi Demon​

Demons cloaked in an aura of Magatsuhi will sometimes spawn in Da'at, called Magatsuhi Demons. Unlike normal demons, they are dangerous enemies with powerful skills, but may drop valuable items if defeated.​

Da'at Exploration

Da'at is interspersed with a variety of elements, some of which will obstruct the hero's path, while others provide advantages in his exploration and combat. Explore every corner of the vast netherworld by using these new features.


Relics can be obtained from vending machines scattered throughout Da’at. Take them to Gustave, who will exchange them for Macca.​

Treasure Chests and Amalgams

Yellow objects will give you items and Macca, and silver objects will give you Glory. Both are useful for adventures, so keep your eyes out.​

Demon Navigator

Demons that accompany the main protagonist and support him in his exploration. They do not participate in combat, but will search for items, Magatsu Rails, and other useful items on the map and notify you.

Aogami Husks

Aogami's Essences can be obtained by examining the husks of Aogami scattered throughout Da'at. Once the husks has been examined, the Essence can be obtained again by after a certain time has passed.​

Demon Haunts

The Demon Haunts can be visited by accessing the leyline founts connecting the various regions of Da'at. In the Demon Haunts, the protagonist's demons appear and gather, and the player can enjoy interacting with their allies by conversing with them and giving them gifts, as well as viewing them up close and taking photos. ​

In addition, special conversations may occur regarding game progressions, such as battles and field exploration, and these may offer rewards such as items or status enhancements of demons. ​ If you see a conversation notification in the menu, why not visit a demon haunt!

You can have conversations not only with your demons, but also with Aogami. Some of these conversations may lead to stat and ability bonuses for the Nahobino! ​

Cadaver’s Hollow

The Cadaver’s Hollow shop is accessible via leyline founts. You can pay Macca to purchase items or sell Relics you have collected to Gustave.

Gustave (VA: David Errigo Jr.) is the keeper of Cadaver’s Hollow with an interest in human-era items. ​He will buy any Relics found within the netherworld.​

Gustave will reward you for locating Miman, his relic-seeking pawns, when you report back to him with the number you have found. The number of Miman determines the type of reward.​ Discovering Miman will also help you obtain Glory, which is necessary to learn Miracles. Be on the lookout for hiding places throughout the netherworld.​

World of Shadows and Demon Fusion

The World of Shadows can be accessed via the leyline founts.​ With help from Sophia, the ruler of the World of Shadows, you can perform a Fusion to create stronger demons.

Aside from a two-demon fusion, there are fuse by result that allows you to choose a resultant demon, a special fusion that can be performed by choosing from 2 to 4 demons, or an Essence Fusion that utilizes Essences to lower or increase the ranks of the same race.​

Most skills can be inherited by other demons through fusion, with the exception of a few select special skills. ​

Sophia (VA: Erin Yvette) is a mysterious being who rules of the World of Shadows. Her introduction states "I have come from a plane far beyond this one to act as a guide to both the world and the Nahobino."

There are multiple ways to create new and powerful demons: two-demon fusion merges two demons of your choice, fuse by result allows you to determine which demon you want first, a special fusion performed with up to four demons, and Essence Fusion, which uses a demon's Essence to provide additional bonuses and skills.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance