Uniqlo to release Final Fantasy shirts modeled after FFXVI, FFXIV, and the Pixel Remaster series in late June

Uniqlo has revealed a new batch of Final Fantasy-themed T-shirts. The brand will release the new UT graphic t-shirts in late June 2024. This is not the first time Uniqlo released shirts based on Square Enix's flagship RPG franchise, as they had previously done a batch on the series' 35th anniversary in 2022 that featured all mainline titles up to FF16. This time around though, they will focus specifically on Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XIV, and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series.

Even though the new batch has a focus on the Pixel Remaster, not all of the titles in the series are directly represented either. Out of the 7 shirt designs revealed in this batch, only 3 of them come from the remasters, and two of them specifically depict the Goblin from FF1 and Terra from FF6. Meanwhile, FF14 and FF16 each get two shirts in this batch.

The full list of the new Final Fantasy Uniqlo T-shirts is available to view right below. You can also find sample images of the shirts at the bottom.

  1. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (FF1) - Goblin illustration on front, "The hero was defeated." on back
  2. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster - Moogles
  3. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (FF6) - Terra and Moogle
  4. Final Fantasy XVI - "Escape this fate that we might one day look upon the moon again together"
  5. Final Fantasy XIV - The Warrior of Light
  6. Final Fantasy XVI - The Eikons
  7. Final Fantasy XIV - Chocobo, Moogle, and Fat Cat