Fashion brand Uniqlo to release a range of Final Fantasy shirts for the 35th anniversary

Japanese casualwear fashion brand Uniqlo is to partner with Square Enix to release a range of Final Fantasy inspired t-shirts, just in time for the series’ 35th anniversary, which takes place later this year.

The shirts were revealed by Uniqlo’s Vietnamese website - though it appears they may have been shown off too soon, as the page was pulled down after a short time. Nothing is forgotten on the internet, however - and the reveal was caught and archived by industrious fans on social media and a handful of blogs.

The t-shirt range features sixteen designs - one for each entry in the Final Fantasy series, including a shirt for the as-yet unreleased Final Fantasy XVI. Video game t-shirt crossovers with major fashion brands are often a bit hit-or-miss, but we think this looks like a pretty decent collection, at least based off the limited images that featured in Uniqlo’s leak. 

It's unclear as to if these will release everywhere around the world, but given Vietnam will be considered an 'international' territory by Uniqlo, a Japanese brand, it seems likely these will be exported to other countries where the company operates stores - which is most places. Pricing is also uncertain, but the Vietnamese price listed on the now-deleted paged converts to around $18 each.

The designs for each game feature the following:

  • FF: The ‘Final Fantasy’ text from the game’s start screen, and a Black Mage sprite
  • FF2: A battle scene featuring sprites and text
  • FF3: The sprites of the game’s various equippable jobs, arranged
  • FF4: Sprite art of the main cast and the text ‘THE STORY OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS’
  • FF5: A sparse shirt with three simple key frames of Boko’s sprite animation
  • FF6: The sprites of the Magitek Armor stomping through the snow from the opening, and the names of the cast
  • FF7: An arrangement of images, each from FF7’s famed CG cutscenes
  • FF8: The famed key art of Squall behind his Gunblade, which burns with his lion symbol
  • FF9: Bahamut facing off against Alexander in the siege of Alexandria
  • FF10: The image of the character’s weapons from the opening, alongside text quoting Tidus’ monologue. 
  • FF11: Silhouettes of five Warriors across the game’s races
  • FF12: A stylized image of the Judges
  • FF13: Lightning atop Odin/Sleipnir 
  • FF14: A design featuring the Scions of the Seventh Dawn
  • FF15: The key art of Noctis & crew walking down the road, from the game’s Japanese box art
  • FF16: FF16 Protagonist Clive with Ifrit in the background
Uniqlo X Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary T-Shirts