Turn-based tactical RPG SteamWorld Heist II announced and releases on August 8 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Developer Image & Form Games have announced SteamWorld Heist II, the sequel to 2016's SteamWorld Heist, at the latest Nintendo Indie World event that took place on April 17. It will be releasing on August 8 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic, GOG) simultaneously.

SteamWorld Heist II retains the compelling 2D turn-based tactical RPG that its predecessor revolved around. Players deploy a party of four to tackle missions and stages. When combat begins, people have to properly position their characters and aim their attacks toward the opposition. A prominent element of the game is angling shots to ricochet their projectiles off of walls to hit enemies or environmental hazards at unconventional angles.

A brand-new feature that SteamWorld Heist II is the ability to sail around bodies of water on an overworld map. Players can encounter enemies during these segments and engage in real-time combat against other ships.

Check out the announcement trailer for SteamWorld Heist II down below, along with more information and its first official screenshots.

Aim, plot and plunder in this uproarious Steambot adventure. Ready for your next Heist?

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of SteamWorld Heist II on Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and PC this August 8th!

All is not well on the waves - a crisis is brewing. A water crisis! Mysteriously, this precious resource has turned deadly, corroding metal limbs and mechanical hearts. Join Captain Leeway and his ragtag crew of Steambots as they navigate perilous waters to uncover the enigmatic menace threatening the Great Sea.

Aim For Ricochet Mastery

In the heat of battle, precision is key. Take aim and unleash your shots with deadly accuracy, utilising ricochet mechanics to outmanoeuvre your enemies and emerge victorious. Every move counts as you strategically plan your attacks, using the environment to your advantage and bouncing bullets off surfaces to gain the upper hand.

Plot Your Way To Victory

As Captain, you hold the fate of your crew in your hands. Equip them with different weapons, customise their abilities and equipment, and use the rich job system to overcome any challenge that comes your way. From seasoned veterans to eager recruits, your crew looks to you for guidance as you navigate the dangers of the Great Sea.

Plunder To Your Heart’s Content

Set sail and explore the vast ocean blue, where adventure, mystery, and danger await beyond each breaking wave... Engage in real-time naval combat, raid enemy strongholds and seize valuable loot to bolster your crew's strength. And when the battles are won, take respite at one of the lively bars where you can relax, upgrade your gear and crew, and forge new alliances with fellow bots.

Get ready for:

  • Free aiming and satisfying ricochet gameplay in turn-based Steambot combat. Plan your shots strategically to set up the perfect ricochet sequence for ultimate satisfaction.
  • Expansive world exploration with real-time naval combat, immersing yourself in the various challenges of the Great Sea.
  • A rich job system and customisation options for your crew to suit your playstyle, with over 150 guns, utility items, and ship equipment to choose from.
  • Handcrafted characters and environments, accompanied by a captivating soundtrack and songs by our returning, beloved troubadours, Steam Powered Giraffe. Let the music and sounds sink into your mind, leaving an unforgettable impression for days to come.
SteamWorld Heist II