South Korean solo developer Ooze releases open-world sailing simulation RPG Sagres on Nintendo Switch today

Developer Ooze and publisher Kakehashi Games released open-world sailing simulation RPG Sagres on the Nintendo Switch today. It was featured in the Japanese stream of the Nintendo Indie World event that took place on April 17. Sagres is the debut title of Ooze, a solo indie developer based out of South Korea.

Sagres has players take control of captain Fernando on his journey to explore the seven seas. Recruit crew members and fend off pirates in his search of the missing legendary explorer, Sir Antonio.

Throughout Fernando's quest, players visit many real locations throughout the world from North America to Africa as they establish trade routes. Battles are done in a turn-baed rock-paper-scissors style. Make sure that the ship is stocked with an abundance of supplies ready to face the unexpected.

Watch the release trailer for Sagres down below, along with more information and screenshots.

Set sail for adventure in the Age of Discovery!

  • Climb aboard as the fresh-faced ship captain Fernando. Customise your ship, battle against pirates and sea monsters, and assemble your crew to delve into the mysterious disappearance of the legendary explorer, Sir Antonio.
  • Explore the seven seas!- Sail around the entire world, from the snow capped mountains of North America to the Saharan plains of Africa, via everywhere in-between! Discover hundreds of real locations, set up vital trade routes, and search local markets for new goods to trade.
  • Battle on land and sea! - Arm yourself to the teeth with a plethora of swords, guns, cannons and armour as you fight against pirates, thieves, wild animals and mythical creatures. Can you become the master and commander of a unique ""rock-paper-scissors"" turn-based combat system?
  • Customize your ship! - Load your vessel up to the deck with cannons and it will be formidable in combat, but you'll need to make sure you have the necessary cargo space for resources to support your crew. Keeping everything ship-shape can often be the difference between a successful voyage or being lost at sea!