Reynatis highlights the clashing values of its dual protagonists in its 2nd Trailer

Natsume Atari and FuRyu have released a new trailer for action RPG Reynatis. The 3-minute trailer mixes in-game story cutscenes with gameplay footage. Wizards in the world of Reynatis are discriminated against; the dual protagonists of Marin and Sari come from different walks of life around this premise as the former attempts to live a normal life hiding that he's a wizard, while Sari is part of an organization as a magic enforcement officer.

Earlier tihs month, NIS America provided an official translation to an interview conducted by Famitsu with creative producer Takumi, scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, and composer Yoko Shimomura. Since then, they have released the second half of that interview.

Shimomura expresses the challenges she faced when composing the soundtrack for Reynatis. Marin's theme song was the first track she worked on for the upcoming RPG; she stresses that "no matter the title, the first song is very important." For Reynatis, Shimomura mentions that "there are a wide variety of songs, from acoustic orchestras composed of a small number of instruments to tracks that are entirely digital."

Takumi mentioned how he wanted overseas audiences to immediately recognize that Reynatis was set in Shibuya, Japan. That's why one of the first screenshots released for the title emphasized Shibuya Crossing.

Watch the 2nd Trailer for Reynatis down below and give the development interviews translated by NISA a read!