Death end re;Quest Code Z releases for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch in Japan on September 19

Compile Heart has officially revealed Death end re;Quest Code Z, which will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 19 in Japan. The company has also opened a Japanese official website for the new entry. One of the most notable reveals from this title is that it will receive CERO's highest rating of Z in Japan.

Code Z will appear as a spin-off entry to the Death end re;Quest series. Key series characters like Shina Ninomiya and Mai Toyama will also return, but this game will feature a new female protagonist named Sayaka Hiwatari. The gameplay system will also see a departure from the usual command-based battles to roguelike dungeons. But the game's most notable feature will be the extremely gory death scenes that will be shown when the player gets a Game Over. There will be over 100 death endings available in this title.

Compile Heart had previously listed this game as one of the company's numerous upcoming titles last October. The spin-off title was originally known as Death end re;Quest Code Zion, and Naoto Tominaga hinted that the team could incorporate some new elements since this is not a mainline entry. One of those has since been known to be the gory illustrations.

A game that gets a CERO rating of Z is usually a big deal. It is equivalent to ESRB's AO (Adults Only 18+) rating, and sales of games that receive a CERO Z rating are strictly regulated in Japan. For example, physical purchases will require stores to confirm the buyer's ID card, while digital platforms like PlayStation Store will require direct purchases from credit cards. But while games that feature excessive gory depictions would usually be rated M by ESRB, they are far more likely to get the highest CERO Z rating in Japan.

You can find more screenshots and character artworks for Death end re;Quest Code Z right below. An English localization of this game for the West has yet to be announced as of this writing.

Death end re;Quest Code Z