Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War mobile RPG launches on May 29 worldwide

Userjoy has announced that free-to-play mobile RPG Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War (stylized as Trails of Cold Steel: NW) will launch worldwide on May 29 via iOS App Store and Google Play. The game previously released in Japan on December 6, 2023.

A pair of announcement trailers and a description can be found below, via Userjoy. Thanks RPGamer for the heads up!

Embark on an Epic Adventure with The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War! Set between Trails of Cold Steel II and Trails of Cold Steel III, this story follows the journey of Lavi, member of the Northern Jaegers, born and raised in the North Ambria. Tasked with a daunting mission alongside her teammates Martin, Iseria, and Talion, they must infiltrate the Erebonian Empire to gather intel on a mysterious threat endangering the security of North Ambria.

The Trails Series on Mobile

Immerse yourself in the captivating world and storyline of the animated series The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War. In this mobile RPG adventure, take on the role of Lavi and embark on a journey alongside characters from the entire "Trails" series! With its rich narrative, expansive world, unforgettable companions, and nostalgic game music, prepare to experience a true RPG masterpiece.

Featuring Top-Notch Voice Actors

Encounter characters from Trails in the Sky, Trails of Azure, and Trails of Zero voiced by renowned Japanese actors including Uchiyama Koki (as Rean), Nakamura Yuichi (as Martin), Kakihara Tetsuya (as Lloyd), Sato Satomi (as Alfin), and Kanemoto Hisako (as Fie). Let these stars lead you back to the continent of Zemuria, immersing you in the epic tale of the Northern War through Lavi's perspective, rekindling the passion and emotion of the original series.

Embark on an Interactive Adventure

Introducing the all-new "Free Exploration Gameplay", offering players a deeply immersive adventure across the vast continent of Zemuria. Explore diverse locales to uncover unique storylines and unravel mysteries within expansive dungeons. Journey alongside Lavi to meet like-minded companions and embark on adventures together, immersing yourself in the essence of a Japanese RPG.

Strategic Combat and Skill Combinations

Experience thrilling battle animations and the satisfaction of landing decisive blows. With gameplay that's easy to grasp yet rich in strategic depth, test your skills in team composition and skill execution. Explore a variety of game modes for endless entertainment!

Craft Unique Arts with Customized Orbment

Utilize the classic Orbment system from the renowned "Trails" series to tailor your skills with various Master Quartz. Create personalized effects that suit your playstyle!

Diverse Gameplay

Immerse yourself in classic RPG gameplay such as Arena, Infinity Tower, Fiend Raids, Forest of Trials, Dungeon Exploration, and various Labyrinths, all offering lucrative rewards!

Trails of Cold Steel: Northern War