HoYoVerse details Harmony Trailblazer's Abilities, Robin's kit in new Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 Trailers

The latest update for Honkai: Star Rail has just launched, and the version 2.2 update includes both Robin, a new playable character in the gacha, as well an entirely new playable class for the Trailblazer, the player character. Developer HoYoVerse detailed the new class and revealed more details about Robin in a series of trailers.

The latest trailer focuses on the abilities of the Trailblazer's newest class, the Path of Harmony. The Imaginary-element Harmony Trailblazer is the first new playable class introduced to the game since launch. When the game first opened, players began with the Trailblazer in a Physical-element Destruction class, then unlocked a Fire-element Preservation class during the Jarilo-VI portion of the main campaign.

The Harmony Trailblazer uses a jaunty hat as their primary weapon. As the Harmony Path tends to be focused on team support and buffing, the Trailblazer can buff the entire team with their Ultimate, which applies the "Backup Dancer" benefit. Backup Dancer increases the team's Break Effect attribute, as well as applying hits of extra damage when they attack Weakness Broken enemies. Thus, the Harmony Trailblazer can heavily amplify a team's overall damage output by increasing their ability to exploit enemies once they've broken their weakness.

In addition, the launch of Honkai Star Rail version 2.2 added Robin as a playable character. Robin is a famous singer associated with Penacony and its ruling faction, The Family. Robin played a role in the story events surrounding Penacony. As a 5-Star Physical-element Harmony unit, Robin can advance the entire team's actions forward in the turn order, buffing their damage output at the same time.

Honkai Star Rail is available on PC, PS5, and mobile platforms. The version 2.2 update, "Then Wake to Weep," is live now.