Tokyo Xanadu eX+ launches for Nintendo Switch on July 25

Aksys Games has revealed today that their previously announced upcoming localization for the Nintendo Switch version of Tokyo Xanadu eX+, which was tentatively dated for this Summer, will launch on July 25. This release comes with a completely revamped localization by a previous member of the Geofront Falcom fan translation team; as of now, there's been no news whether this updated translation will be added to the previously released versions of the game.

While the game hasn't even released in Japan yet, with the upcoming follow-up having been properly announced in March - hopefully the improved translation will make its way to other platforms before any localization for that project can be announced.

Features of the Switch version of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ include:

New Scenarios! Enjoy unique tales of the wielders that weren’t depicted in the main story. Once you’ve completed the game, get access to an all-new quest and carry on the adventure!

New Playable Characters, New Monsters, Dungeons and Bosses! Play as the mysterious knight, White Shroud. Brandish unrivaled strength and the powers of light to take down vile monsters and vicious bosses! Plus, new dungeons filled with fierce new monster types and giant bosses to battle!

New Boss Battle Mode! Revisit battles with various bosses that appear in the main story. The time you spend on each battle is recorded; how fast can you defeat each boss? This mode also features Boss Rush, where you can battle bosses one after the other.